Kyradias Kalendarium

The Secundus Aetes, Draco (2nd Age)

5999 2000

The Secundus Aetes, The Second Age, The Era of Dragons   A time when royal dragons ruled over the homeworld and history recalls as an age of peace and prosperity.

The Tertius Aetes, Discordia (3rd Age)

1999 0

The Tertius Aetes, the Third Age, the Era of Discord   An age when that pantheon fell silent and the reign of the royal dragons waned. The whispers of the void became stronger and their influence brought many nations to ruin.

  • -1502 3A


    B. Asiredar
    Life, Birth

The Quartus Aetes, Novitate (4th Age)

0 and beyond

The Quartus Aetes, the Fourth Age, the Era of Renewing

  • 367 4A

    b. Naiara Nesethal
    Life, Birth

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  • 372 4A

    Stelladomus razed
    Disaster / Destruction

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  • 391 4A

    B. Arienh Nesethal
    Life, Birth

  • 471 4A

    Naiara leaves Caelumarcis with Elyithon to join the Vigilate
    Life, Organisation Association

  • 491 4A

    Story: The Nesethal Familia, Part One
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

  • 493 4A

    b. Aeryen & Galerial Nesethal
    Life, Birth

  • 542 4A

    Story: The Nesethal Familia, Part Two
    Life, Relationship change

  • 585 4A

    b. Verayl
    Life, Birth

  • 626 4A

    b. Iemoyn Masamai
    Life, Birth

  • 627 4A

    b. Ashenger Scotson
    Life, Birth

  • 629 4A

    b. Adara Scotson
    Life, Birth

  • 639 4A

    Hillstone destroyed
    Life, Supernatural

  • 645 4A

    Averis-Trimtol War
    Military action

  • 646 4A

    House Masamai's Haven is razed
    Military action

  • 647 4A

    m. Ashenger Scotson & Iemoyn Masami

  • 648 4A

    b. Vaelen Scotson
    Life, Birth

  • 650 4A

    b. Juleya Levandia
    Life, Birth

  • 651 4A

    b. Anghela Valere
    Life, Birth

  • 652 4A

    b. Alexia Lunaemina (Lightmoon)

  • 653 4A

    b. Ren & Rachael Scotson
    Life, Birth

  • 656 4A

    b. Anfareth Taronth
    Life, Birth

  • 658 4A

    Ethrania colonies established on Rylaren

  • 670 4A

    d. Vaelen Scotson
    Life, Death

  • 671 4A

    Curse of Cytherean Valley ends