The Fracturing

As the Disciples of the Void gathered at a forgotten island between the continents of Ethrania and Rylaren, they converted and corrupted the powers of a major Gateway and its leylines into a focus to be used as a weapon against the Homeworld of Dalias, in the sky above them. As their masters had instructed them, they fired the device when the Divine Pantheon was at their weakest, with over half of their members in slumber to recharge their powers.   The beam that struck the homeworld slowly turned it into darkened stone, darkening the sky above. Morkel, Lord of Magic was very quick to respond, but his assault on the island was so massive, it detonated the focus and the Gateway, releasing the gathered energy into a massive detonation. The very world was fractured, with deep fissures and trenches reaching the core of the world. If not for Elraud, the Lord of Earth, the world would have fallen apart that dark day. Even now Elraud keeps a hold of the planet, as the fissures slowly heal.   The fracturing separated the known world of Ethrania, Rylaren, Cyran, Yanra, and Odalheim. The fissures releasing clouds of sulfuric mists into the sky, but for reasons unknown, they are only suspended above the fractures, and not blanketing the world with their terrible fumes. Travel into the Riftmists is nearly impossible, and those that attempt to do so are never seen again.   Occasionally, clouds of arcane energy are projected from these mists, resulting in violent and colorful thunderstorms with a suspended ball of mist and energy. Fortunately, these arcane storms stay high in the atmosphere and have never been known to have impacted the ground or cause a disaster. Priests of Morkel say it is a display of the Lord of Magic's power, and that such an assault on the world will never happen again.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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