“Have you ever seen a roc, pater?” Naiara said to her father.

He smiled, shaking his head, “No, one has not been seen in quite some time. They stay far to the east across the Vanras Sea in the great mountains of Hrimthammar, or to the south beyond the fractured mountains of Ashkremos, or so I have been told. They prey upon the giants of Thrysk and Zareyn, and keep them from bringing harm to us. Perhaps it is the lady of air’s will that they do so, as a means of protecting us."

  • From Chapter Four of The Nesethal Familia, Part One

  • The terrifying Roc, war mount of the Titans, bringer of storms.

    The very rare and dangerous Roc is known to the Caelumani as the King of all Raptors, thought to have been used by the now-deceased titans as mounts in ages past. The Caelumani have records of fleeing from the terrifying power of the Roc. All attempts to follow and defeat it have lead to its hunter's downfall or demise. The great beast is a bringer of terrible winds and storms that have rendered many unprepared sanctuaries to ruin in the past.

    The current elders of the Caelumani Council do not believe the Roc to be a real creature, or the stories of them to be very exaggerated. They suspect the Roc to be deceased along with the Titans that supposedly rode upon them.


    Pyrravin, one of the Caelumani's greatest huntresses in ages past, who has hunted every creature known to them and some forgotten is said to have tried to track down a Roc but did not succeed.

    Historical Basis

    The Caelumani have stories of their existence, but no one has been one for quiet some time. Priests of Asadela believe the Roc to be a herald of the Stormlady's wrath.

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