Cytherean Expansion

The Cytherean Empire emerged after the fall of the Altus Concilium, or High Council. The Cythans took a more military stance than those before them, constructing many defensive structures in their expanse. They allied with dwarves and elves as they pushed back their enemies with great success. The constructed massive walls on the borders of their domain to hold enemies back and rain down arrows, rocks, and oil upon them. Once their territory was safe and secured, they expanded beyond reaching as far west in Anatyla and Vartha, northwest into the frontiers of Zephyrus, north into the marshes of Vahryn, northeast into Rythen and the island of Amenisi, and east into Celani.   The Cytheran Empire defeated the united hordes of the Ohinark Hordes composed mostly of goblins, giants, lizardkin, trolls, and orcs. After defeating the massive hordes at their great walls, they slowly expanded their domain beyond and continued to defeat the enemy that had amassed to challenge them.   The rise of the Cytherean Empire brought about an age of peace and prosperity to the rest of the people of Rylaren. They constructed a great stone road along the western coast known as a Runawyrm. This bolstered trade and patrols along the road kept the trade routes safe. They traded with the Caelumani Consilium to the north, as well as the elves of Glaciaeris, and to the south to the elves of Sylva Vitae.   With the fracturing, the Cytheran Empire fell strangely silent. The hordes they had kept suppressed were able to breach their great defenses with little to no resistance. Over a short span of time two great nations rose and fell, their artifacts and ruins littering the continent and spread by the spoils of war. If not for the infighting of the Ohinark Horde the entire continent would of been overrun by the gathering of monsters.
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