Caelumarcis Consilium

Elder Falaern addressed the council, "We, the Caelumani are being surrounded on all flanks by vermin that dwell in the shadows of our last and grandest aerie. Yet these pests remain ununited against us, divided by their own territories and differing interests. We are at war, and we are not the empire that once held domain over Vanras, Vartha, and Vahryn, where now our enemies hold and gather strength where we once prospered. We have receded to the safety to our ancestral lands, blessed with the guidance from the Stormlady. And while we have her blessing, we will hold our ground until we can reclaim what was once ours." The venerable elf was the eldest of the council, his hair long and silvered. His wise voice echoed in the chamber, his voice surprisingly loud and resonated within most of the councilors gathered here, despite his frailty. 

  • From Chapter Two of The Nesethal Familia, Part One 

  • The council lead nation of the winged elves led by an elder council. The Caelumani treat their elders with great respect, since its members are the keepers of the experience, memories, and wisdom of their former elders who have passed on their memories through the elf-bond. Different elders carry different positions of responsibility and power but are all treated equally, including the very respected Eldest Keeper who has always been seen as the unofficial leader. The council only answers to their goddess who from time to time calls for champions to ascend to her ethereal city.

    Their influence used to stretch beyond Zephyrus, into the Ashkremos mountains of the territories of Vartha to the south and Varyn to the east. Over time however their settlements have fallen from attacks by drakes, dragons, giants, and orcs. This has forced the council to take a more austere stance to preserve the way of life of their people and their domain. The Consilium has enlisted its citizens to defend the people into different groups where they say serve best. Aerlanciarii, or air lancers are the Gryphus riding cavalry that bombard their enemies from the air with javelins before charging in. The Palatinus, holy champions of the Caelumani who deal with the greatest threats, and the Vigilate, the watchers of the borderlands and first line of defense. Those that are not found worthy of service to the lancers or the paladins often find themselves sent to serve with the Vigil.


    All councilors are of equal rank, but one of the oldest is known as the Eldest Keeper, with the wisdom and many memories of previous keepers before him, and unofficially seen as the leading councilor.

    Public Agenda

    The agenda of the Caelumani Consilium has always been to guide and preserve the people in the service to the Lady of Air, Asadela.

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    The Elder Council of Zephyrus
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