The Aetherium is the name of the devoted faith to the Diva Elementum of Air. Her temples and shrines are scattered all over the world but are typically found in higher areas such as hills or mountains and usually built with white marble and contain bird baths and housing for her favored songbirds. Worship to her is performed in oratory song and/or dance.   Aetherdomus is the chosen home and the greatest temple of the Elementum Asadela, also known as the Lady of Air, The Lady of Storms. Her floating city is nearly invisible to mortal eyes, hidden among the clouds in the sky. Her chosen people are the Caelumani, or winged elves. Every so often she has been known to summon champions from Caelumarcis in Zephyrus, where they become her worthy warriors in the battles against the evils of the Void.   The Stormlady has many followers around the world, and her shrines and temples are very open to the air and contain nests of various songbirds. She favors those that enjoy life, and those that fight to protect the freedom all of creation deserves. Farmers, hunters, entertainers, and sailors often pray for her blessing and favor before performing their duties or tasks. Followers of Asadela often find conflict with followers of Azriel, Hazarh or Morkel due to conflicting beliefs or ideals but get along very well with followers of Ceralt, Elraud, and Ahaerya.   Notable followers include: Bemarmir Nesethal was a devoted acolyte of Asadela in Stelladomus, and after the razing of his home, he moved to Caelumarcis and became the high priest to the temple of Asadela there.


Depending on the shrine or temple, there is typically a priest or high priest that leads the assembly in worship, but answering to the elders of the Aetherium.

Public Agenda

Followers of the Aetherium seek to preserve freedom and free will and share their wisdom to those in need.

Religious, Pantheon
Subsidiary Organizations
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