The Story Thus Far - Season 2 | July Tourney 2022

The harrowing events of the April 2022 Tourney behind them, the Tome Knights began to look to the future with cautious optimism.  

May 2022

Sometime in May, 2022

Reference: "The Great Flame Eli of the O'erflow Came"
At some point after Sable's poisoning and recovery, Eli Kwake came to Sable Aradia and volunteered to join the Owsla to take the place of missing Commander DM Stretch. The two began to publicly refer to each other as siblings. Had they known this for some time and chosen to release the information only now? Or was this a recent discovery?  

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Reference: Prologue, Part 2, 00:03:34
Sometime around May 1, 2022 (if time has any meaning in the Deep Void ), the Great Flame travelled to a layer of the Void which they called The Overflow. This layer was described as a place of fire, cosmic weirdness, and shifting realities. Eli went there to create The Void Mirror that Princess Sunny used to see the identity of Sable's poisoner. They explained that their "shape was unsettled," and they could choose to take the form of their brother, but they "felt the need to be their sister's sibling in this reality" -- and they took on the form of a fiery desert hare.   What is this "Overflow?" How did Eli make use of bits of past and present, Overflow and main Void, to make the mirror, and then somehow send it into the past for Sunny to use?  

May 7, 2022

Reference: Part 1, 00:14:54
One week after the end of the April Tourney 2022, Aydan Nightshade the Kitty General and Siobhan the Writer Queen of Bats met Sable Aradia the Chief Rabbit at the Warren. The Mother of Bunnies had apparently made a full physical recovery from her ordeal and invited the two of them to spend a few days there. Over a casual lunch of pho, and with all regalia removed, Sable opened up the conversation on a couple of serious concerns in the Realm.   The first was the security of The Iron Tome. Sable had realized that she could no longer try to guard the Tome alone. But locking it in a vault had also proven ineffective. She had conceived a new plan, and presented the idea to two of her closest allies.   A list of volunteers would be compiled from among the people that Sable and her allies would trust with the gravity of the responsibility. They would exchange the burden of guarding the Tome between them on a random schedule. Polyhedral Dungeons & Dragons dice would be rolled to randomly determine how long each volunteer would carry the Iron Tome for, and the next person on the list that they would give it to. That person would not tell anyone who was next, or how long they would have the Tome for, until they showed up with it to hand off. This way, only one person would ever know who was next on the schedule, so no one could be questioned about it. There would be no regular schedule of exchange to observe and intercept. There would be no record of it anywhere that could be hacked or stolen. There would be no way to predict where it would go next.   Erin Righ had already agreed to this plan, and the Kitty General and the Queen of Bats also agreed at once.  
Where is the Iron Tome? Watch throughout the month in streams and in RP channels on the Discord server to see where the Tome goes next!
  Then the Bunny Queen broached a more sensitive subject. She asked the Kitty General to convey to Misades the Kitty Queen her suggestion that House Felis should take up the mantle of a Major House in House Tiki's place. With Kahuna the Elder still struggling with lingering effects of having been undead, the Tiki Protectorate was, as Aydan Nightshade put it, "practically falling apart." Sable lacked confidence in Tiki's ability to continue to hold the position, and thought this created a weak point in the defenses of the living that the Undead Horde would be able to exploit.   The Kitty General wasn't sure that her Queen would be willing to part from House Lapin, but also felt that The Catarch would share the Mother of Bunnies' opinion that the safety of the Realm, and protecting the Iron Tome from falling into the hands of the Undead, was the highest priority. She promised to bring Sable's suggestion, and promise of support, to her monarch.   Last, Sable thanked the two for saving her life by coming up with the idea of the literomantic ritual that healed her from her fatal poisoning through the support and love of the Tome Knights, and the three embraced.  

May 8, 2022

Reference: Part 1, 00:21:30
Having heard good news that House Apis was in recovery, the Mother of Bunnies, the Queen of Bats, and the Kitty General made a visit to The Hive to say hello to The Queen Bee DaniAdventures. When they arrived, they found the Queen Bee napping, but the Hive was clearly thriving. Encouraged, they left her to her rest.  

May 10, 2022

Reference: Part 1, 00:22:05
Sable Aradia handed the Iron Tome into the hands of Aydan Nightshade to begin the agreed-upon guard rotation. The Kitty General promised that the Tome would be safe. Sable expressed great relief at being able to put it down.  

June 2022

Early June, 2022

Reference: Part 1, 00:23:17
Eli Kwake the Filkmaster, bored and frustrated with their progress, went up to Boston to challenge ECC Books to a Filk-Off. In the July Tourney, they would get the Tome Knights to vote on a variety of categories to determine which one of them was the greater filker. Sable Aradia agreed to referee the contest.  

June 13, 2022

Reference: Part 2, 00:08:51
Princess Melody was "invited" to come to The Warren and brought to a basement level. While she feared another interrogation by the Owsla, the Mother of Bunnies just wanted to have a private conversation with her and with Eli Kwake. She told Melody that she had the missing GoPro! Apparently AttorraRu had discovered it near the end of the April Tourney. She had not returned it because she wanted to discuss what was on it with Sable; and Sable felt that she needed to discuss this with Melody.   In addition to numerous undersea creatures likely filmed by The Cosmic Kraken Coffee Quills, there was some footage of a pirate ship with "steampunk androids," and numerous recordings of the Void. AttorraRu had been quite disturbed by footage of the The Nuggie Revolution. Sable was disturbed by footage of a tree. Melody appeared oblivious to the tree footage, so Sable asked Eli to fetch the GoPro so they could show her -- whereupon they learned it had been stolen again, this time directly from the locked office of the Owsla, despite all the security and warding!   What was the tree that Sable had been referring to, and why did she feel this was important enough to "Voider business" to pull Melody aside for a private conversation with only Eli present? And who stole the GoPro this time?  

June 17, 2022

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June 17, 2022 2 am UTC (June 17, 2022 12 pm AEST)

Reference: Part 2, 00:16:06
Sable Aradia and Tal ElementEds appeared on the noon news with the GOT News Network, in an interview with newly-promoted Australian anchor Isaac A Thom . The lawsuit that Sable had threatened against the GOT Network from the celebratory feast they aired following the Battle of the Warren was finally getting its day in court. Sable and Tal stated their case for the audience.   Sable's hinged on how the violation of privacy risked the security of the Lapin Protectorate, and contributed directly to her vulnerability to assassination attempts. Tal's was centered in the destruction of her career as a journalist following the episode, as the GOT Network fired her as a sacrifice, then blackballed her. Isaac tried to defend the network with increasingly thin explanations, eventually angering Tal enough that she simply hung up on the interview.  

June 17, 2022 9 am UTC (June 17, 2022, 10 am BST)

Reference: Part 1 00:24:34
Having been fired at some point in early May from the GOT News Network, Melody Relody aired the first episode of her new YouTube-based news program, Meow News. She began by recapping the events of the April Tourney, presenting a graph that charted the results, followed immediately by the announcement that House Felis had become a Major House.   She then included a clip of a ribbon cutting ceremony from two days prior, in which a campus of the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy was opened on the grounds of the Warren. The Mother of Bunnies and Erin Righ said a few words, and Erin Righ was seen for the first time in years wearing the regalia of the Royal Consort of House Lapin. Also present at the ceremony was Queen Siobhan. The Bunny Monarchs kissed after the ribbon-cutting. It seemed that their marriage was at least on the mend, and they had worked out a compromise to balance Erin's Prince Consort's duties with his desire to continue his work with the School.   The Void Princess then wandered off into a tangent in which she expressed her bitterness over her firing, suggesting that it might have something to do with the network not being comfortable employing a leader of a Major House. She reported on a video from her YouTube recommendations and included a clip. A YouTuber named "IcarusGotFlippers" was spouting a conspiracy theory which claimed that RPGDinosaurBob had summoned a meteor and sent it back in time to destroy House Sauropoda so that he could rule over the survivors in the future.   The Kitty Princess then shared a personal letter from Prince Jean of House Lapin, explaining that his wedding with Queen Siobhan had once again been postponed. Apparently, the Bat Queen was missing.   Melody also reported on the "Touring Tome," expressing her concern over the rotating guard system.   Next, she reported that she had received footage from Lord Galakrond of House Meles showing the family surrounded by Lapin spies -- or members of the Fluffle directly. What was House Lapin doing on House Meles territory, watching the Meles family?   Finally, she reported on House alliances for the Tourney. The restored House Apis had thrown in with the Bunnies, and House Lapin had renamed their central meeting burrow "the Bunnycomb" from "the Honeycomb" to avoid confusion. House Ocelot and newly-formed House Verdant had offered their support to Felis. House Avis had, to no one's surprise, elected to remain with Sauropoda.  
Reference: Part 1, 00:37:31
This was followed by an episode of MTV Cribs touring the newly-restored Cat Castle, introducing Baron Basil of House Verdant, and showing off The Ocelot and the features of the Castle. The tour included the courtyard, a tiny circle of crystalline standing stones, the Great Hall, and the Library. The Baron of the Leaf explained their plan to provide food for the Tome Knights during November through the use of the Kittering Community Garden, and The Captain seemed reluctant to show Melody and the film crew around her ship.  

June 17, 2022 11 am UTC (June 17, 2022 12 pm CET

Reference: Part 2, 00:23:42
Elite bodyguard units gathered at The Watching Dogs in Monte Carlo, a neutral space, to discuss the issues facing their various Houses. Sir Kitoypoy and Dame Gwenefre made open accusations against Lord Galakrond as being the one who poisoned the Mother of Bunnies. The Dinos expressed their frustration with needing to have reconstruction work done in the Swamp, and therefore, not being able to exclude strangers. This made them more open to security threats. ShyRedFox complained about the laser defense system at the Hive being dangerous.  
Reference: Part 2, 00:32:37
In the meantime, the Mother of Bunnies made a sojourn into the Void to look for Princess Sunny. She ran into Princess Melody and Lord Galakrond first. Melody was very upset about her trip to the Warren, while Galakrond was frustrated with the ongoing Nuggie Revolution. Sable Aradia complained about her son sending his minions to pull her out of her bed by her toes to deal with nuggie problems.   Sable complimented Melody on Meow News, and then revealed that Eli Kwake was their sibling, when Eli followed Sable into the Void after the bodyguard meeting. Eli spoke about the Overflow and revealed more details. It was described as being underneath The Netherlayers.   The Void Bunny showed up with a migraine, looking terrible. She said she'd probably done something "monumentally stupid" but didn't remember it, and suggested it would be best if she didn't get reminded of it until her brain had recovered.   The Voiders initiated their new members, and then Princess Sunny asked to speak to Eli and Sable later on to show them the appropriate Void paths that were best suited to their particular attunements.   Sable Aradia told Sunny that what happened to her that had brought her to the Void had also happened to Eli. The Void Bunny promptly freaked out and began searching for a knife to murder the culprits. Sable told her that she and Eli both had to calm down, because random destruction wasn't going to help anything; they needed to find the guilty party and go after them -- especially since they had Stretch now and "Frith only knows where."   After the meeting, Princess Sunny took the Mother of Bunnies to see the Void paths, and point out the Paths of Possibility. She believed Sable would have less trouble navigating them than other Voiders due to her connection to the bright area that Sunny called "Space," and Sable called "The Veil of Night" or The Firmament.   They also discussed Sable having been Voidtouched as a teenager, and how that might have affected Galakrond's connection to the Void; and whether his imprisonment by the Company might have affected his "unique" connection. The Bunny Queen had not been to the Firmament since then. Sunny told her she needed to go back to deepen her connection, and offered to show her the way.  
Reference: Part 2 00:45:22 10:30 pm UTC (June 17 3:30 pm Pacific time)
Queen Siobhan was reported missing from the hospital where she was scheduled for cancer surgery. YouTube uploads on the 18th showed her in various locations around the Lapin Protectorate, tracking something -- or someone -- via a sonic signal that was attuned to a bracelet she was wearing. The Knightwings were alerted to Siobhan being injured and ran to her assistance.  

June 18, 2022

Reference: Watching the Watchers 00:00:00
Early in the morning in the Pacific and Mountain timezones, Darth Nikolas called up Sable Aradia to demand answers as to why there were a bunch of Lapin spies in Meles territory. Sable denied knowing anything about it. She promised to look into it, however, just in case the Owsla were up to something where plausible deniability was at play.  
Reference: Prologue, Part 2 00:49:16
An advertisement aired on the GOT Network for a new show called The Straight Shot , beginning with an examination of whether the benefits of literomancy were worth the risks. This was immediately followed by an advertisement for The Company .  
Reference: Act 1, Part 1: Watching the Watchers 00:02:21
Sometime in the afternoon Pacific time on June 18, Commander Kitoypoy called Eli Kwake into his office to discuss goings-on with the Owsla. He wanted a report on the Void and The Nuggie Revolution situation. Eli said the Voiders were rounding up the stragglers. Kitoypoy reminded Eli that since they were the only one who could follow Sable into the Void, it would be their job to protect her while the two of them were there, and that the rest of the Owsla would take over the rest of the time.   When Eli asked how things were going in the regular world, Kitoypoy explained that things were kind of awkward right at the moment, because both he and Captain James Woodwright had sent two separate infiltration missions into House Meles; his to keep an eye on Galakrond, whom he suspected was Sable's poisoner; James' to keep an eye on Gala and the Forgelings, to protect them. The two groups had run into each other and gotten caught. He laid out his case -- he knew that only the Owsla or the Void Prince had sufficient access to have been able to poison Sable's chili, and he knew they hadn't done it, so therefore, Galakrond must have. Eli was protective of their nephew, but in a non-confrontational sort of way.   Eli asked about rumours going around the Warren that had something to do with the Queen of Bats. Kitoypoy explained that Queen Siobhan had been rushed to the private royal hospital wing at the Warren, established after the most recent assassination attempt on the Chief Rabbit, to recover from a major injury. She had apparently been tracking missing Owsla Commander DM Stretch.   They also discussed having taken guard shifts with the Iron Tome. Both confessed to an urge to give the thing back to her immediately. Eli opined that it got heavier the longer they carried it, which Kitoypoy hadn't seemed to have noticed. The Commander wondered if they would end up in the old "Sam Gamgee" situation, having to carry Sable while she carried the Tome.  

July Tourney, Week 1

June 30, 2022

Reference: Act 1, Part 2: The Garden and the Tome
Sometime in the morning, Sable Aradia appeared in the Kittering Community Garden to speak with Baron Basil, leader of House Verdant. The Kitty Queen and the Kitty General had both recommended them to be part of the rotation to guard the Iron Tome, but had neglected to inform them. Basil and Sable quickly connected on a first-name basis and Sable, realizing an error had been made, explained to the Baron of the Leaf that there was no shame in refusing this dangerous duty. But Basil agreed anyway because of their sense of duty.  
Reference: Act 1, Part 3: Tar Pits
On the way to the Tourney, Raptor Squad Captain Dazzlinkat fell into a tar pit that was hidden under debris and foliage, and had to be rescued by fellow Raptor Squad members Saph-A and Emily Armstrong, along with her Jungle Bike. What was a tar pit doing in the middle of the Swamp? Emily started searching through the work orders in her office to see if she could find out what had gone wrong.  

July 1, 2022

Reference: Act 1, Part 4: What Were You Thinking?
2:33 am Pacific: Sable and Erin Righ visited Queen Siobhan in the private royal hospital ward in the Warren. Sable demanded to know what the Queen of Bats had been thinking. Siobhan said she'd been following a signal from Commander Stretch, piggybacked through the Bat Communication Network, and she was ambushed. Siobhan managed to defeat 8 enemies with her literomancy but no bodies were found at the scene. She also found some of their equipment.   4:13 am Pacific: The Kitty General visited Queen Siobhan in the hospital, explaining she had sent the Felis spies ahead. Siobhan gave Aydan the bracelet she had used to track down Stretch and asked her to keep an eye on it, should it become active again.   5:20 am Pacific: Prince Jean of Lapin called Siobhan from The Cavern via Cavecord and demanded to know what ████████ was going on. Siobhan explained the situation. The couple decided to postpone the wedding yet again. The Bunny Prince said he would handle the field day the press was going to have about it, and promised to come back to the Warren as soon as he could.  
Reference: Act 1, Part 5: GOT News July 1, 2022
3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern: The GOT Evening News aired, covering several important stories:
  • Sable Aradia held a press conference at the Warren to discuss what had happened with Queen Siobhan. She revealed that she had also been present at the rescue of the Queen of Bats, brought to the site by Siobhan's dog Beansidhe and the translation skills of a wolfen literomancer named Moon-Moon. Also present were Dhan Llynya of the Knightwings, AttorraRu and Eli Kwake. She explained that the Bat Queen was recovering at the Warren's private hospital wing and her recovery was fairly quick, with the aid of the doctors on site and "literomantic healing." She also said that Queen Siobhan was conscious and writing.
  • The Company issued an official statement denying any involvement with the incident, implying that the Mother of Bunnies was making slanderous statements, and suggesting that it might be time for her to "slow down, dear."
  • House Meles launched a lawsuit against Dark Moon Press, claiming they had illegally, and without permission, published Lord Galakrond's personal notes on the Void. Called The Book of Necrosis, the book had become a New York Times #1 bestseller, and was characterized as "disturbing" by some and "downright hilarious" by others. The question remained whether the book was a serious publication or an elaborate joke?
  • The newscast concluded with an advertisement for The Straight Shot, intended for airing later that evening, which promised to be an expose on Voiders Anonymous.
  • Off-air footage after the show displayed that WriterGreg was not at all pleased with what he'd been asked to report, and the way in which he'd been asked to do it. He urged them not to air The Straight Shot, citing another lawsuit as his concern, but he was told to just shut up and report the news he was given.

  • Reference: Act 1, Part 6: Voidlore 2.1 - Eli and Sunny
    At the same time the press conference aired, Princess Sunny and Eli Kwake met in the Void to discuss their personal connection. They talked about how they met, and taking the opportunity to get to know each other, they learned that they had both come from "the same place," though the details they mentioned were sketchy. It was apparently some kind of prison; Eli talked about being rescued from a cage. They both spoke of a caretaker named "Marsha" who had rescued Sunny as a baby, then Eli as a teenager -- and then had been killed for it. They recapped their wanderings after that, and how they had ended up in House Mollusca separately, before meeting their sister, the Mother of Bunnies. Then they vanished off into the Void to seek Voidnip and share sibling quality time.  
    Reference: Act 1, Part 7: The Straight Shot
    8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific: The Straight Shot aired an expose on Voider Anonymous, speaking at length about their "metaphysical changes" and their madness. Will Fletcher presented them as a bunch of lunatic freaks with too much power at their disposal who had monstrous traits from their Void exposure. He believed that they were cracking under the pressure, and that perhaps, the formation of the Voiders was a power and popularity grab. He suggested that it was time for them, and maybe for the entire Great House structure, to step aside for the good of the realm. The ticker tape headlines on the show banner suggested other unsettling theories about literomancers in general and the Voiders in particular. This was immediately followed by a commercial from The Company, positioning themselves as the defenders of the common folk against the elite literomancers.  
    Reference: "Birdhouse for the Tome" and "House Apis Forest"
    The first round of the Filk Off commenced in the evening at the Tourney of Tales! ECC Books defeated Eli Kwake in the first round by popular vote with his performance of his piece, "Birdhouse for the Tome" in honour of House Avis. The Filkmaster's piece "House Apis Forest" lost out by a narrow margin.  

    July 2, 2022

    Reference: Act 1, Part 8: Tara Takes the Reins
    Early July 2, 2022, AEST: A sealed letter from Prince Jean arrived for Princess Tara at the Cavern, explaining that the Queen of Bats had been found and was safe within the Warren. Prince Jean promised to handle the press, but informed Princess Tara that she would have to take the reins of leading House Chiroptera for the Tourney. A little taken aback, she nevertheless steeled herself for the task.   BigT Anderson , the Mad Batter (one of the Knightwings) sent Queen Siobhan a message that was far more sympathetic than many of the messages she had received. He expressed understanding about fighting the limitations of a body that said no when the mind said yes, and promised to ready himself for the next one -- and told her she ought to do the same.   Early in the morning Pacific Time, Queen Siobhan contacted Princess Tara via Cavecord to officially pass over the leadership of the House for a time. The Bat Princess reluctantly agreed, and the two also discussed restructuring the Knightwings, since it no longer made sense for Tara to command them as the official House Heir.  

    July 3, 2022

    Reference: Act 1, Part 9: Voidlore 2.2 - The Voiders Fight Back
    Early morning, Pacific Time: The Voiders met to discuss the expose on The Straight Shot and the anti-literomancer stand on GOT News in general. Most of them vented their spleens a little, talking about what they'd like to do in their frustration. They grumbled about the publication of The Book of Necrosis and the fact that their mysterious enemy seemed to be able to get access to secret information.   Sable expressed her frustration that she couldn't go after them because they didn't know what had happened to Commander Stretch, and that their enemies felt confident in taunting her because she wasn't about to leave a man down. They wondered who Will Fletcher was, and where he had come from all of a sudden. Eli expressed their opinion that they didn't just seem interested in coming after the Voiders, but literomancers in general. And Sable pointed out that this turn at GOT News corresponded to the appearance of their new corporate sponsor, The Company.   Taking a moment to think tactically, Sable asked where they were getting their information from, since the Voiders had not streamed everything GOT News had broadcast. Then the Void Bunny realized that the "marks" they'd seen, indicating an unnatural interaction with the Void, might have been their enemies finding a way to peer into the endless dark.   They discussed the ambush on Siobhan. Princess Sunny pointed out it was the first time Sable Bright-Eyes had consciously chosen to use her healing powers. Sable expressed her gratitude that they had worked, because apparently there was going to be death everywhere they looked.   The Voiders then agreed to appear on Meow News in an AMA stream to counteract the propaganda that had been spread about them. There was also more discussion about Will Fletcher. The Bunny Queen remarked that he looked familiar to her, somehow, and the other Voiders agreed.  

    July 5, 2022

    Reference: Act 1, Part 10: For Her Own Good
    Captain James Woodwright of the Owsla met with Dame Gwenefre to discuss the situation between him and Commander Kitoypoy. Dame Gwenefre expressed her concern that the Chief Rabbit was Voidtouched, and wondered if she was still fit to lead House Lapin. Captain Woodwright quickly shut down the conversation.  

    To Be Continued...

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