The Story Thus Far - Season 2 | April Tourney 2022

As the Tome Knights rang in 2022, all seemed peaceful in the Realm. The Grand Alliance remained strong, and the Realm celebrated the victory of the living Literomancers. Even the way in which the victory had been achieved seemed a favourable omen of better times. Epic poems were composed, and In Words We Trust, the filk that Prince Jean had written to inspire the Tome Knights to victory, was the undisputed number 1 song on popular music charts around the world.   But since the story is not yet over, naturally, this could not last.  

Prior to April 1, 2022

December 2, 2021 -- Following the Battle of the Warren

Princess Sunny , Princess Melody , and Lord Galakrond discovered each other wandering around in a parallel plane of existence that they all simply knew as The Void . They discussed many details of the geography and nature of the Void, as all three House Scions had different areas of expertise, but it quickly became clear that all had used the Void to transcend spatial limits, and possibly some limits of time as well.  

December 10-December 29, 2021

Erin Righ's search for The Lemon Company didn't last long. They were hiding in plain sight. WriterGreg had given up his mercenary's ways to start the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy. He hoped that perhaps the Great Houses would be willing to buy their in peacetime as well as in war. He used this money to fund a school to teach Literomancy to all who were willing to learn.   Erin, liking this situation, volunteered to serve as faculty. Greg welcomed him with open arms. While Sable Aradia found her husband's absence disheartening, she was pleased to see him find his footing on his path to redemption -- and in a profession that suited him and made him happy.  

December 29, 2021

While it was not discovered until much later, a mysterious masked and hooded figure, referring to himself as "Shadow," sent an encoded signal from The Warren to an unknown party who, apparently, wanted The Iron Tome for themselves.   "Shadow" explained that he'd been shown around the Warren, and Princess Melody's map, as shown on MTV Cribs during the Second Word War, "wasn't too far off, actually." He included videos of the Warren in his transmission and explained that if they intended to seize the Tome, they would have to pry it from Sable's cold, dead fingers. She took it everywhere, including her bedchamber and toilet. Her devoted guards, the Owsla, were always at her side.   He thought they might have more luck with her sons, Prince Jean and Lord Galakrond, who both resented their mother for keeping secrets from them. His opinion was that Lord Galakrond was their best choice, since he was "drawn by the darkness," and clearly hungered for power, "which we can give him."   An approaching guard, likely one of the Owsla, cut the conversation short. "Shadow" broke transmission.  

January 1, 2022

Using a pirated satellite bolstered by literomancy, ShyRedFox took control of the GOT News Network signals around the world . She announced that House Kitsune had been officially dissolved, to be replaced by the clandestine and criminal outfit known as the Self Care Mafia.  

January 17-March 6, 2022

On January 17, 2022, the world was shocked and horrified by a nearly-successful assassination attempt on the Mother of Bunnies.   Over the next few days the full details emerged. Sable Aradia was receiving visitors in her study. While the Owsla were distracted, the would-be assassin stabbed the Chief Rabbit multiple times and tried to flee with the Iron Tome. Surprised and angry, DM Stretch, a dragonblooded sorcerer, blasted the fleeing assassin with a wall of fire. Eli Kwake hit the assassin with yet more fire at about the same time, which burned the assassin to ashes; not even teeth remained for DNA identification.   Analysis of security footage was ineffective because, mysteriously, all the cameras glitched out. Further, interrogating witnesses yielded little useful information, as the assassin was shrouded and their face seemed blurred, somehow; even to Commander Stretch.   Sable was rushed to hospital and remained on life support for almost a month, while the Owsla guarded the Iron Tome in her place.   The last person seen with Sable before the incident was Dazzlinkat, Captain of the Raptor Squad .   Suspicion fell upon the Owsla. Captain James Woodwright was on his way back from an assignment in Kelowna; Dame Gwenefre was off-shift, sleeping; Sir Kitoypoy was conducting a security exercise with the House Guard; and Commander Stretch was distracted by a disturbing dark literomantic quarrel between the Forgelings; while Lady Rowean and Princess Sunny were distracted by a kitchen fire while preparing for a chili cook-off.   To some, the Captain's absence seemed convenient. And why had Stretch incinerated the evidence?   Responding to this public critique, the Owsla began an aggressive investigation. The other literomantic Houses promised to cooperate.   On January 20, 2022, GOT News tried to corner Lord Galakrond for an aggressive interview about the attempt. Ultimately, he chased them off the grounds of Windy Willows after threatening them with Void magic.   On February 1, a worldwide candlelight vigil was held for the Chief Rabbit. As Prince Jean later revealed to GOT News, Erin Righ reappeared to summon a Litwalker, a paladin of sorts from their Wyrd West series, to heal her by laying on hands.   The House Summit in January was cancelled. Prince Jean and Queen Siobhan the Writer's wedding plans were postponed. The Bunny Prince temporarily assumed the duties of the Chief Rabbit, with Queen Siobhan there to support her fiancĂ© and her friend.   On or around March 6, 2022, her 47th birthday, Sable-rah returned to the Warren and began the slow process of recovery.  

March 7, 2022

The Owsla met to discuss what had gone wrong with their security, and to attempt to identify the assassin. There was a frustrating lack of useable security footage. The Bunny Queen did not remember anything about the attack. She was given a drug intended to interfere with long-term memory while in a coma. The would-be murder weapon, a crysknife, was likely a literomantic weapon -- perhaps explaining why her "Kind Bear" healing powers did not kick in.  

March 13, 2022

The GOT News Network sent Isaac A Thom , their lead Australian correspondent, to investigate an "invasion" of birds in the Sauropodan Swamp. In a conversation between the Tyrannosaurus Rex RPGDinosaurBob and The Big Birb Cryssalia they discussed possibly reunifying House Sauropoda and House Avis after their ancient split. Although resentment remained, they agreed to try an alliance for the April Tourney. If it worked, they might consider a future House merger, with Crys named the Heir Apparent to the Sauropoda House.  

April 1-8, 2022

On April 6, Sable Aradia appeared on an exclusive interview on AuthorGoddess's show Let's Talk! The two had put aside any animosity that lingered from the Second Word War; clearly, the Mother of Bunnies believed that the Blade of Wit had rehabilitated from her experience as the Night Monarch. Asked about the assassination attempt, she restated that she did not remember anything. Asked about possible suspects, she said that she had learned her lesson from Second Word War. When pressed, she admitted The Company seemed the obvious suspect, and that it was possible it could have been an inside job -- although she didn't believe it. She was quick to defend the Owsla and her children.  
Whether or not it's family members... I mean, I don't want to think that... I don't believe it... but, I mean, it's the Iron Tome. It can theoretically do anything you want... I'm sure lots of people would kill for that.
— Sable Aradia
  Asked if this changed anything about The Succession Crisis , she said immediately that it did not. Sable felt that Prince Jean had shown his ability to step into the House Lapin leadership and his loyalty in the crisis. She firmly supported his status as Heir Apparent, despite his adoption and the genetic inheritance of Lord Galakrond and the Forgelings.   The Chief Rabbit also admitted in the interview that her recovery had been slow and she was still not at her best. The Owsla were trying to convince her to move the location of the Warren to make it more secure. She was fighting it, but she saw their point. She also stated for the record that she believed the Undead Horde would return, but she hoped the Royal Wedding would proceed in the July Tourney.   Around this time, Erin came to visit Sable again, now that she was well. Sable tried to convince him to stay at The Warren, but he left to go back to the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy. Sable didn't let him see her tears.   On April 7, Princess Melody ran into Captain Ocelot as her ship, The Ocelot, made port in the Village of MaiTai. All of Tiki Island was in preparation for a gathering to raise literomantic energy for the recovery of Kahuna the Elder, leader of House Tiki, who was still feeling lingering effects from having been Undead in November. This was House Ocelot's first reappearance since the original House Felis disappeared in the Golden Age of Literomancy.   They chatted about several things. Among the most important pieces of information, the Captain had encountered Melody's GoPro, presumably abandoned by Coffee Quills. It had been tossed back into the sea, much to Melody's dismay;. There were indications that the Captain may, in fact, be the original leader of House Ocelot, and knew Princess Melody personally 400 years ago. How this is possible, no one is sure.   The Tiki Beach Party commenced! A number of significant Tome Knights made an appearance, and House Tiki felt the strong literomantic support. House Leaders and other such dignitaries took the opportunity to chat about diplomatic matters and alliances but, mostly, they came to bolster their friend Kahuna.   Prior to heading to the Beach Party, the Mother of Bunnies inspected new personal burrows in the Warren, her compromise with the Owsla over security concerns. The burrows were sealed in a pocket dimension that was keyed only to her.   Erin and Sable both made an appearance at the Beach Party. Erin started singing to entertain the crowd and Sable joined in,. The two enjoyed an increasingly rare moment of happiness together.   After the Beach Party, the Voiders met once again. They discussed the Beach Party, the assassination attempt on the Mother of Bunnies, and The Company . Princess Melody was quite shaken up by an "aggressive" visit from the Owsla. She hoped that Princess Sunny and Lord Galakrond might have some idea of the forces behind the assassin. While the Void Bunny and the Void Prince both expressed desires to murder the culprits, they had no idea where to start. The Owsla would not share information relevant to the Chief Rabbit with either of them.   But, while all seemed like it was finally settling into a peaceful time in the Realm, trouble was brewing. A number of the Tome Knights began to have unsettling dreams in which two "candidates" both campaigned to be the next Night Monarch in an otherworldly appeal to the Tome Knights' darker urges. The competitors appeared to be Lord GalaWight, the Undead identity of Lord Galakrond; and ICC Dead People, the Undead identity of ECC Books.  

April 9-15, 2022

On April 9, TaraFaeBelle called the Queen of Bats, Siobhan the Writer, over Cavecord, to tell her genetic testing had revealed that she was Siobhan's niece-- the daughter of an estranged sister. Siobhan welcomed Tara to the family and declared her the Heir to House Chiroptera. She explained to Tara that she might need to go in for surgery for cancer, pushing back the expected Chiroptera-Lapin wedding yet again.   The Owsla continued their hunt for the party behind the assassination attempt. On April 10, they showed the Chief Rabbit the transmission sent by the assassin "Shadow." Sable identified ShadowMalachi from an earlier meeting. She still did not remember him from the attack itself, however.   Captain James Woodwright theorized it was likely The Company responsible. Sable-rah agreed. She told Captain Woodwright and Sir Kitoypoy that Commander Stretch was hitting up some old contacts there to find more information. But she also reminded the Owsla not to assume in favour of ignoring other possibilities.  
Look, I think the Iron Tome has a corrupting influence. I think it's a bit like the One Ring. So I think the ones who are most likely to act violently are going to be the ones that already have a reason to want me out of the picture.
— Sable Aradia
  To their surprise, Sable herself brought up the fact that some of her closest relatives might be suspects -- especially her sons.  
I'm not an idiot, guys. I don't want to believe they could do such a thing. But it wouldn't be the first time that an Heir Apparent tried to assassinate the Monarch to get the Crown early, right?
— Sable Aradia
  While the Owsla brought up Erin Righ as a potential suspect, Sable pointed out that he'd had ample opportunity to steal the Tome without murdering her; he was the one who summoned a Litwalker to heal her; and he was probably staying away from the Warren because he didn't trust the Nite Qing not to make a reappearance; possibly making him the only one they knew they could trust.   The Owsla began to openly keep a closer eye on Princess Sunny, Prince Jean, and Lord Galakrond.   Dreams about the election of the new Night Monarch continued. Lord Galakrond's mental health continued to deteriorate, and this even seemed to affect the Great Flame and the Mother of Bunnies. But the Bardger Realm of Music fought back against the malaise by writing a Tome Knight anthem called "Battle On."  

April 16-22, 2022

On Easter, April 17, House Lapin and House Avis celebrated Avisalia together. This was the first public Avisalia celebration since the Golden Age of Literomancy.   Sometime around the 18th of April, the Voiders met again. Lord Galakrond was openly displaying a crop of Void Polypore mushrooms in his fur, which disturbed many of the Tome Knights and the developing Voiders Anonymous fan group, the A-Voiders. Sunny and Galakrond had noticed the Owsla following them, but they seemed to have left Princess Melody alone.   They expressed concern about the Void Nuggies getting "more angsty." They also noticed signs that someone else may have been messing around with the Void, but they figured they'd be able to recognize other Voidtouched if they found them. Then they discussed their plans for hosting an upcoming feast in a "bubble" of the Void.   On April 20, the Chief Rabbit informed the Owsla that DM Stretch had missed his evening check-in on the 17th and disappeared. The Commander's most recent report suggested the Company had developed a method of activating a Manchurian Candidate -- someone who could act on their behalf without even being aware they'd been suborned. On Sable's orders, the Owsla focused all available resources on finding Commander Stretch before the trail went cold.   GOT News reported on the race between Purry Allen of House Felis and WriterLee of House Tiki, which Purry won; the chili cookoff; the recovery of the Mother of Bunnies and her appearance at two social events in a week, TaraFaeBelle's Birthday Bat Tea Party; and Commander Stretch's disappearance.   Disturbing dreams of the Night Monarch election continued.   Under all the strain, the trauma, the paranoia and the isolation, Sable Aradia's mental health took a nose-dive... and perhaps the Iron Tome itself contributed.   On April 22, disaster struck the Mother of Bunnies once again. Eating some of the leftover chili from the cook-off, she was poisoned.  

April 22-April 30, 2022

The Feast of the Void went ahead on the 22nd as planned, with Lord Galakrond and Princess Sunny blissfully unaware of Sable's plight. The Void Nuggies arrived to create chaos, and Captain Dazzlinkat of the Raptor Squad tried to befriend them.   Sable Aradia also put in an appearance in astral form, which made Sunny suspect trouble, but she chose to ignore it when others assured her that it was likely just one of the Chief Rabbit's powers. It wasn't until they were reflecting on the feast afterwards that the Void Prince and the Void Bunny got the news...and Sunny decided to make use of a powerful and dangerous tool to get some answers.   However, Captain Dazzlikat also suspected trouble, and pointed it out to Sir Kitoyopy, who returned to the Warren right away.   In the meantime, the Captain of the Owsla found the Bunny Queen collapsed on the floor and Sir Kitoypoy resuscitated her. She was rushed to hospital, but it was soon discovered that the Chief Rabbit had received a fatal dose of strychnine -- rat poison. Sir Kitoypoy went to hospital to be treated for secondary poisoning, and the Owsla brought the Mother of Bunnies back to the Warren to die in familiar surroundings at her request.   Prince Jean called Lord Galakrond on April 23rd to tell him the news. The Prince of Badgers was shattered.   On the 24th, Sir Kitoypoy requested an audience with the Cosmic Kraken, which they granted immediately, hoping they could help. But Kitoypoy was seeking their advice as the only other person who had spent any time in the presence of the Iron Tome.   The Tome was stuck to a point in space, surrounded by pink and gold light, and every attempt to move it had failed. Coffee Quills observed this effect looked to them like the Chief Rabbit's own magic, and speculated with this poisoning, which could only have been accomplished by one of Sable-rah's most trusted companiions, Sable was choosing to guard the Tome herself with the last of her own power.   The Night Monarch election continued, with both Lord GalaWight and ICCDeadPeople offering their final pitches.   It was Aydan Nightshade, the Kitty General, who hit upon the solution. Calling up the Queen of Bats, she suggested that if Sable Bright-Eyes had "Kind Bear powers," then her magic was powered by love. With all that had happened, Sable-rah had been isolated from everyone she cared about -- partially through her own doing, but perhaps also deliberately weakened by an enemy. Was it the Company, the assassin, maybe the Iron Tome itself? Aydan theorized that a literomantic ritual that brought together all those who loved Sable might heal her.  
She saved us at the Battle of the Warren with love. Maybe we can save her the same way.
— Aydan Nightshade
  The Queen of the Night seized upon the idea, and the two called upon the Realm together. Aydan enlisted the aid of Eli Kwake, who agreed immediately, and said that perhaps the time had come to openly declare their secret project -- a rival to the Self-Care Mafia that focused on encouraging others. The Chaos Cartel was born.   The Tome Knights rallied in support of the Mother of Bunnies in a massive worldwide candlelight vigil and literomantic ritual in an outpouring of love and support. And at last, Erin Righ returned to the Warren.   Erin confirmed Sable's theory that he hadn't returned because he was afraid of what the Nite Qing might do, so close to the Iron Tome. Sable confessed she hadn't shared the burden of guarding the Tome because she didn't know who to trust -- and she was desperately afraid that Erin, Galakrond, or Jean would be taken by the Horde again.   Erin agreed to stay with Sable and come home to the Warren. Sable agreed to let Erin help her. Bolstered by the love and support of those closest to them, when they took each other's hand, the Kind Bear powers of the Holy Queen of Buns took effect. Miraculously, Sable was healed!   As soon as the healing took place, the magic pinning the Iron Tome in space dissipated, and after celebrating this wonderous event, Erin Righ took up the Iron Tome... and Sable Bright-Eyes thanked him for taking it.   In the meantime, on April 29, Sunny gazed into an artifact known as The Void Mirror and learned the identity of the person who had poisoned the Bunny Queen. But using the Void Mirror injures the mind of the one gazing into it... so would she remember?   Finally, on April 30, AttorraRu made it back to her lair with Princess Melody's GoPro, which she'd discovered washed up on a beach... and whatever she saw recorded on it stunned and horrified her. She immediately said she would have to tell Sable...
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