UNSV Sagan

The UNSV Sagan was the first interstellar starcruiser of Humanity and the first ship of its class.   Immediately after promising tests of the Alcubierre Drive, United Nations of Earth issued a motion to the International Space Program to build the first interstellar spaceship for interstellar expeditions.   Construction began on October 4, 2025, thanks to revolutionary construction techniques, the skeleton of the ship was finished two months later, and the alcubierre drive was installed on January 2, 2026. Many private companies like BosoFar and Zafari have contributed to the construction of the Sagan.   Around the sixteenth of August in 2029, construction was finished, and so simulation tests and training courses were started. The sister ship, the UNSV Tyson, was also delivered around this time. A third ship, the UNSV Erasmus, was also under construction.   The Sagan held a celebratory tour through the Solar System before it went interstellar, with its destination being Alpha Centauri. Although, the Sagan never went to Alpha Centauri.   The alien board-computer sent the ship to Aldebaran, about 65 light years further. Due to this supposed technical error, Humanity made First Contact with the Serpentes, subsequently initiating the United Nations of Earth - Serpentes Empire war.   After the return of the Sagan a new, Human made board-computer was installed, without any alien code language.   Since the start of the war, the UNSV Sagan was conscripted to find allies and technologies for the defense of Earth, and while they have mostly succeeded, up to this day, the Sagan and it's heroic crew are presumably lost.   The Sagan was captaineerd by James Peerson


We have the ability to build faster, we have found a way to work together and now that we have the ability to go beyond our Solar system, we should. I, therefore, motion the United Nations of EarthEarthEarthEarthEarth to motion the ISP to build a class of interstellar exploration vessels.
— Akira Abe
The first ship will be known as the Sagan, named in honor of Carl Sagan, a very special individual who always has been clear on the need of space exploration.
— I.S.P Spokesman on the reveal presentation
Fusing alien technology may not be the answer - it may be dangerous.
— Yakub Al-Hashim
The very existance of this machine is a disgrace to God - God doesn't need us to explore the stars
— Minnesota Minister
This is James Peerson, the Sagan has established a stable low Earth orbit.
— James Peerson
Cosmos to Houston - Warp Calculations indicate goal is not Alpha Centauri, but Aldebaran, I repeat, we will not go to Alpha Centauri, we can not cancel the drive, locked out of the system.
— James Peerson
Breaking News, the United Nations has presumed that the Sagan is lost. I repeat, the Sagan is lost, contact can not be established. The Sagan has a crew of 200 and was captaineered by James Peerson. The Sagan was crucial to beating the war. We from Capital News would like to express our admiration, and shock, to this news.
— Rhett Potter
Praeterea est semper
Bridge Crew
James Peerson


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