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We did something incredible, we united as a species against the unknown, and all it took was one common enemy. Sure, we still have our differences, but for the greater good, we work together.
Guerino Sacco, Historian
  The United Nations of Earth (U.N.E) is a newcomer on the galactic stage in the Milky Way galaxy. The United Nations of Earth is compromised of the nations of Earth , the colonies of the Moon, several habitation domes on Mars and other colonies throughout the Solar System, as well as an outpost city on Nova Terra. Most colonies and the nations of Earth act independently. However, the common defense of Earth, as well as extra-solar relationships fall under the directory of the United Nations, therefore making the UN More of a Political-Economical and Military union, rather than an all-governing entity   The U.N.E was formally founded after the Treaty of Amsterdam, it's Headquarters, and thus de-facto capital moved from New York City to the Palace of Peace in The Hague, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The U.N.E is followed with curious, watchful eyes on the galactic stage.


The United Nations of Earth is headed by the Secretary-General, their Deputy Secretary-General and the Undersecretary. They head the Department of Internal Affairs and Executive Administration, Department of Extrasolar and Colonial Affair and the Armed Forces of the United Nations respectively.  


Department of Internal Affairs

Main article: Department of Internal Affairs and Executive Administration
The Department of Internal Affairs and Executive Administration is headed by the Secretary-General and is mandated with the tasks of maintaining the treasury, internal disputes, budgets and other related tasks.

Armed Forces of the United Nations

Main article: Armed Forces of the United Nations
The Armed Forces of the United Nations is constitutionally tasked with the defense of Earth, the Solar System, Human Colonies, Human Trade Routes and other extrasolar military missions, the Armed Forces is headed by the Undersecretary, while the Secretary-General is the Commander in Chief.

Department of Extrasolar Affairs

Main article: Department of Extrasolar and Colonial Affair
The Department of Extrasolar Affairs and Colonial Affairs is tasked with maintaining diplomatic relationships with extraterrestrials, promoting and defending Human interests, Funding and Supervising Colonial development and general Development of Colonies. the Department is headed by the Deputy Secretary-General

Other Departments

The United Nations has several other organizations and departments beneath it, including:
  • Department of Treasury
  • Department of Education, Science and Culture
  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • United Nations Monetary Bank
  • United Nations Space program
And several others  


The United Nations of Earth has a unicameral parliamentary system, called the Assembly of Nations. The Assembly of Nation is filled with 1420 seats, with representatives of all the Nations of Earth and several colonies. These representatives are elected by their respective nations through means of elections, which take place every five years. The Assembly of Nations is tasked with the right to appropriate the budget for the fiscal years, controlling the administration, appointing a Secretary-General, and suggest and vote on laws and motions. The Assembly of Nations also decides whether or not Earth declares war as a whole against extrasolar entities; this right is however voided if Earth is attacked first.  


The judiciary system of the United Nations is the system of courts which interprets and applies the laws in the United Nations. The court system follows the traditional hierarchical pattern; there is no jury system and the state rather than the individual initiates legal proceedings. Administrative justice is dealt with separately from civil or criminal justice. The judiciary is independent, and judges can only be removed from office for malfeasance or incapacity.    

National Courts

With that said, it is mostly up to the national governments of Earth and the Established Colonies to uphold the law, both U.N and National in the first place, the normal traject to follow is to follow the national judiciary system.    

Courts of Appeal

There are 10 courts of appeal spread over the globe, A court of appeal on Mars, the Moon and Terra Nova.   They deal with appeals from the National Courts, re-examining the case and giving their verdict. In addition to criminal and civil cases, the Courts of Appeal also deal with appeals against tax assessments in their capacity as Administrative Courts. Their decision may be contested by appealing in cassation (i.e., for the verdict to be overturned) to the Supreme Court of the United Nations.  

Supreme Court of the United Nations

Located in the Hague, the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United Nations for civil, criminal and tax law cases. It also deals with appeals from the Joint Court of Justice of Mars. It has some 35 judges.  

Special Courts

There are three special courts/tribunaries in the United Nations   The Human Rights Court deals with the upholding of Human Rights around the globe and solar system.   The Security Council deals with breaches of treaties, insubordination, court-martial and other military-related subjects.   The Central Appeals Tribunal deals in the area of social security and the civil service.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the United Nations is well known, Humanity First, or a lesser aggressive variant: To face the unknown as one united Human race. But it's clear, the agenda of the U.N is constructed around the protection of Earth and prosperity of Humanity as a whole.  

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the United Nations, as described in the Treaty of Amsterdam and stipulated in the Treaty of Toronto is as follow; To face the unknown as one united Human race. after the Battle of Earth the need for a strong, unified Human voice on the galactic stage was amplified. Thanks to these treaties, the United Nations gained a lot of political power, while respecting the sovereignty of the Nations of Earth and the resulting colonies.  

Short-term Objectives

The short-term objectives of the United Nations are to establish itself on the galactic stage by expanding its military capability, as well as economic output by colonizing habitable systems surrounding the Solar System. Secondary to that is the mission to acquire enough Alcubierre Liquid for the Alcubierre Drive  

Long-term Objectives

In the long term, the United Nations wants to boost it's space exploration efforts, as well as gaining allies and open trade with the many inhabitants of the Milky Way. The United Nations is also planning to ensure that Humanity will always have a unified voice, even if large, established colonies vow for independence.  


The biggest hurdle for the United Nations is the fact that it is young and inexperienced. Normally there would be time for a species to adapt to the rest of the Milky Way, but Humanity was propelled into the future. And while it may have come out victorious against the Serpentes Empire, this doesn't guarantee that the next time would be any easier, as Earth barely survived the war.


Due to the enormous size of the United Nations, it's quite difficult to explain what assets are owned by the United Nations. We know that the Gross Domestic Product of the United Nations is 1.9 quadrillion dollars, which also makes up its budget.  

Military Assets

The Military Assets of the United Nations are handled and maintained by the Armed Forces of the United Nations, the armed forces have active military personnel of over 10 million people spread out over the several branches of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force. The Space Force has a total number of 645 notable ships, excluding smaller craft like fighters and dropships, spread out over 3 active fleets.   The U.N.I.A is also rumored to own several ships of unknown type, most likely unique stealth ships.  


The budget of the United Nations is set to 1.9 quadrillion dollars, of which 70% (1.3 quadrillions) is spent, while 20% (380 trillion) goes to the treasury. The Department of Health is currently receiving 12% of the expenditure, while the Executive Branch is only receiving 1%.  
Budget of the United Nations (2).png

Valued Resources


Alcubierre Element

Extremely rare
The Alcubierre Element, commonly referred to as Alcubierre Liquid, is the economic motor of modern day society. The element enabled humanity to generate stable warp fields, thus allowing interstellar travel in mere hours, instead of years. The element itself is extremely rare, it was found on the downed ship on Mars, but deposits have been found on the Moon and Antartica. Even with the knowledge of
the Attera Totus Universum , the manufacturing of the element itself is still impossible. Scientists are still debating whether the element is natural, or artificial, though the consensus leans more on the latter. So far, only the Corruption and the unknown makers of the downed ship on Mars are known to utilize the element as a means to enable interstellar travel.


Spoilers for the upcoming book Futuron: Akazaar's Grasp
The United Nations, originally founded after the second world war by the allies in 1945, has recently transmorphed into the United Nations of Earth, we will therefore only focus on the historical events that brought the United Nations to what it is now.




On 20 November 2018, the Trump Administration defunded the International Space Station, effectively putting it out of commission as the funding of the European Space Agency and Roscosmos was inadequate, and coupled with the tensions between Europe and Russia, any launch of European astronauts have been denied as the US fell away.   The United Nations responded by expanding the capabilities of the now defunct United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, this coincidentally kicked off the United Nations Space Agency, with a larger funding, and globe wide access to the greatest minds, the Agency quickly stipulated it's roadmap, from acquiring the I.S.S to landing people on Mars.   On 10 December, NASA and ESA pledged it's resources to the UNSA, before the end of the year other agencies, minus Roscosmos followed.  


The Agency acquired the International Space Station on 14 February, declaring it immediate Neutral Territory, gradually the I.S.S was expanded, including the construction of a drydock for the Mars Rocket. In March, private corporations found their way to the I.S.S aswell, moving rocket construction into orbit, SpaceX made significant changes to their BFR here   In the United States, tensions rise as the Presidential Elections of 2020 inch closer and closer, out of the primaries, the DNC chose for Bernie Sanders, while the Republicans stick with Donald Trump, who despite polarization, managed to denuclearize North Korea, something no other U.S president managed.   The UNSA chose Doug Colton as the mission leader for the Mars Mission, he put together his own team, and were launched, on 20 November 2019, the BFR dubbed Olympus One was on its way to Mars. meanwhile back on Earth, Trump was elected for a second term.  


Trump has been inaugurated for his second and last term. Immediately after, Trump threatened to abandon NATO and possibly the U.N Security Council if other member states did not start raising their defense budget, stating that the 'United States is not the Army of the World.' The Senate and Congress reacted with impeachment procedures, and by August, Trump was impeached, Mike Pence took over, calling for elections the next year while focussing on rebuilding broken bridges with the rest of the global community, it's thanks to this that the United States was even a signatory for the Treaty of Amsterdam.
Olympus One landed near Olympus Mons, Rochelle Webb was the first human to set foot on Mars and had the honor of planting the flag of the United Nations. The event was broadcasted live to Earth. After a few hours, Doug Colton noticed a small entry in the side of the mountain, after some investigation, the team entered a hallway and ended up in the server room of the backend of an alien ship. during the events of the Mars Incident the team were confronted by the Corruption, a being that's not quite biological, or synthetic. The being almost killed the crew were it not for the sacrifice of Doug, who allowed the rest to escape   After the Mars mission, the member states of the UN gathered at a special conference in Amsterdam, they discussed that any discovery on Mars was to be used for the rest of mankind. It was also decided that the United Nations should receive more authorizations to found colonies, distribute the technological advancements, and monitor the happenings in space, this conference lead to the Treaty of Amsterdam, or rather Second Treaty of Amsterdam. Over the years, Humanity flourished.  


In the mid-2030's, Humanity completed it's first interstellar spaceship capable of warp thanks to the discovery of the Alcubierre Liquid and maturation of the Alcubierre Drive, the first ship was the UNSV Sagan, lead by Captain Bridget Webb. The ship was headed for Alpha Centauri but due to a computer malfunction, ended up at Aldebaran. This lead to first contact with Akazaar from the Akazaar Dominion and the Serpentes. It became clear that the first contact was anything but peaceful. Akazaar, now hellbound on capturing Earth and enslaving Humanity declared war against the United Nations using the telecommunications system of the Sagan itself, equipped with the coordinates of Earth, Akazaar amassed an enormous fleet and set the way for Earth.   Earth, severely underpowered, begun putting civilian ships into service, arming them with weapons. Earth's superpowers which had the money to create their own warships decided in a United Nations Security Emergency Council decided that the defense of Earth and the coordination of its fleet would now fall under the directive of the United Nations, back on Alderbaran, the crew of the Sagan managed to break out of their cells, steal star maps and retook the UNSV Sagan.   On December 24, Akazaar's fleet reached Earth, and so the Battle for Earth, the UNSV Sagan crew managed to find several species willing to help Earth in it's struggle, including a Cozar ship.   The final stage saw Humanity and it's allies crawl out victorious against Akazaar, sending shockwaves throughout the Milky Way.   After the event's, the United Nations became the front face of Humanity and Earth on the galactic stage.

Foreign Relations

The United Nations doesn't have a lot of diplomatic connections with other members of the Galactic community, this is mainly due to how new the United Nations is on the galactic stage, and as other beings perceive humanity as alien and vice versa, besides the linguistic hurdle, it takes enormous time and effort to formulate diplomatic relationships, with that said, the United Nations has some established relationships with the following  

Akazaar's Dominion

The United Nations of Earth and the Akazaar Dominion, properly known as the Serpentes Empire are currently hostile against eachother and regularly clash in small skirmishes on trade routes. The hostility between Humanity and the Dominion begun since first contact, as Akazaar desired to enslave Humanity and strip mine Earth from it's natural resoures (or what's left of it), this resulted in the War of Akazaar including tha Battle of Charon, Battle of Earth and the Fight for Montauk. Civilians are adviced to stay away from Serpent territory, while also warned that any trading with the serpentes would be seen as treason.

The Corruption

The Corruption was first encountered on Mars, it was described as a being that wasn't quite biological, but neither synthetical The Corruption is largely unknown, but seem to be acting on natural instincts, which are unusually hostile and mindless.

Rezaar Emporium

The Rezaar and Humanity enjoy a healthy flow of trade and expats, the emporium also helped in the war against Akazaar. While the United Nations views Rezaar as a friend, individuals still approach eachother with caution. This due to both cultural, but also physical differences, for example, the Razaar think in terms of business, and thats how the Emporium is governed, a business. The Rezaar also lack proper appendiges, like legs and feet, and thus rely on mechanization and automation, this is probably thanks to extreme genetic modifications and evolution itself.

Ying Serenity

The Ying and Humanity enjoy open borders and trade between eachother, the Ying also aided Humanity against Akazaar. It is extremely possible that the Ying have visited Earth before, the Rosswell Incident being noted as the most likely one. The Ying are seen as a peaceful entity, with pacifist tendencies, only aiding when there is no option. The Ying have several physical similarities as humanity, and unlike traditional science fiction depicted them to be, they look nothing like the greys. It is also known that there is a growing number of Human-Ying relations, yet whether there is any genetically compatibility, is something that has to be found out the usual way.

U.N.E Sidebar Logo

United Nations of Earth



Victor et Libero
Victorious and Free


The Hague

Official languages
English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Javanese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, French, German

Ethnic groups
32% Mixed
30% Asian
19% Caucasian
19% African

48% Agnostic
22% Christian
16% Islamic
11% Jewish
1% Other


Entities within the United Nations

Confederal parliamentary republic
Jacques Monette
Deputy Secretary-General
Tsubasa Matsushita
Dakarai Abiodun

Council of the U.N
Upper house
Assembly of Nations

Founding members
United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Scotland, Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, Kingdom of the Netherlands, State of Japan, Republic of South Africa, Federative Republic of Brazil and the Federal Republic of Germany
Formation of the United Nations
5 December 2018
Founding of the United Nations Spaceprogram
12 January 2019
Preparation of the Olympus Mun Mission
24 December 2020
Man on Mars
30 May 2021
Treaty of Amsterdam

General Census
42.8 Billion
Earth Census
8.5 Billion

GDP nominal
$1.9 Quadrillion
Per capita

Primary Dollar
Secondary Nova


Internet TLD
Galnet TLD

Political, International

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