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List of Conditions

Smoked Off: When you are Smoked Off, You have disadvantage on accuracy rolls. Enemy attacks will also have disadvantage on accuracy rolls.   Bleeding: When Bleeding, you will take damage over multiple turns. Bleed damage is stated on the pages that have Bleed attacks.   Crippled: When an arm is crippled, the arm becomes unusable. Large weapons become unusable, and Small Ranged Weapons have disadvantage on accuracy. If both arms are crippled, all weapons have an accuracy disadvantage. When a leg is crippled, the leg becomes unusable and the crippled targets movement speed in halved during combat. If both legs are crippled, the target will not be able to move in combat.   Asleep: When a target is asleep, Accuracy rolls are always maxed and all attacks made against them will deal x2 damage.   Unconscious: Similar to being Asleep in the way of not being able to do anything. Unconsciousness occurs when a Human entities HP drops to 0. Unconscious entities can be revived during combat, requiring one action and restoring 5 HP upon being revived. Human enemies can only be knocked Unconscious once, and Players can be knocked Unconscious twice per combat. After a Human is knocked Unconscious either twice (for Enemies) or three times (for Players) they will remain unconscious for the rest of combat. If you deal damage to a Unconscious entity, they will be instantly killed. If the GM allows it, you may describe how you kill the Unconscious enemy.   Demonic Delirium: Demonic Delirium is a unique condition that comes from eating the flesh of Demons. It takes place after a day, and will last for 2 days. During that time, you will be unable to use Ranged Weapons, having a -20 to all Ranged Damage. However, you will gain +2 to all Melee Damage, and a +10 to your HP after killing someone. You also become infatuated with Human flesh, and if you do not eat it at least once in a day you are infected with DD, you will take the ration neglection damage penalty. For two days after DD has run it's course you will be incredibly lethargic, having -2 to all damage rolls and disadvantage to Charisma, Strength, and Agility checks.   Flying: When in flight, accuracy rolls have disadvantage.   Stunned: If you are stunned, you will forfeit your next turn.   In Cover: While in cover, enemy RANGED damage will be reduced by 1d4.

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