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2nd Flowers, 618 FC (Second Day of Flowers, 618th year of the Formarian Concordium

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The Continent of Formaria is a quietly desperate land. The Formar Concordium rules much of the land directly, and the majority of outlying realms are long standing vassal states. Anyone who refuses to follow the strict dogma set down by the Formarian temples is severely punished. Magic is strictly forbidden, and while the existence of other gods is impossible to deny, they are seen as secondary to the 4 Primes.   About a century ago, Formarian explorers reached a new land. Naming it Talamandria in honor of the captain who discovered it, the Ascendancy was quick to claim new territory. Now, they have a fully developed system of control. Criminals are shipped to the colonies to be enlisted in work crews, while anyone with an adventurous spirit is drawn to the excitement and danger of this new realm. Meanwhile, on the home front, everything is peaceful, quiet and secure.   But Talamandria holds a terrible secret. Long before the rise of the Formar Concordancy, there was a war between the gods. One god, jealous of his fellows successes, sought to bring down what they had wrought. Taking the intelligent races and twisting them to suit his needs, he brought forth new forms of these races, who seek to wipe the slate clean. Another god sacrificed himself to stop him, destroying both gods and claiming the lives of many mortals in the process. On Formaria, the evil races bore the brunt of this catastrophic clash, allowing the goodly mortals of that land swift and lasting victory over their foes. On Talamandria, however, there was no such victory. The orcs remained powerful indeed, and though their god may be dead, they still seek to fulfill his wishes and cleanse the world of mortal life.

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