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Black Sun festival

The bat people living in Wasteland near Graveyard have always been a strange bunch. While in reality they don’t really have anything to do with the ancient legends on vampires they have always been quite obsessed with them. They are really a hybrid of humans and fruit bats, but that’s only a minor inconvenience. They prefer to keep to themselves and not interact with other people of the world, but if they do, it’s only to imply that they are, in fact, the descendants of mythical vampires. But this isn’t only a front to keep up for others, they do all they can to try to live their lives as similarly to how real vampires lived. One of the most important aspects of this is their love for darkness and night.

Conveniently, they already live in the dark area of black sun, where even days tend to get quite dark. It’s no surprise that the black sun itself is very important to them. They are grateful for its existence all days of the year, but then is one day dedicated specifically to celebrating the black sun. This celebration takes place on the first day of the last month of the year. This is the day when most of the rest of the world would hide in their homes, where they remain for the rest of the year’s coldest month. Many will even sleep through the entire month. As such, the whole month is considered to be one long night to people, which, to bat people, is precisely a reason to celebrate.

Big part of this celebration are also dead flowers that only grow in Wasteland and Haunted Forest, under the black sun. They even look a bit like the black sun, if you really think about it. It should also be noted that the plant is mildly toxic and frequently used in making drugs. As such it’s perfect for preparation of poisonous tea that bad people make and drink specifically at this occasion. They spend the day making the tea, boiling flowers in hot water, and then adding sweet fruit syrups and red food coloring to it. That makes it look more like blood vampires used to drink in ancient times, which is very important to modern day bet people.

And when the evening comes, it’s time to start the celebrations. People throw parties at their homes, or gather in public places to celebrate. They stay up all night socializing, dancing, and most importantly, drinking their mildly toxic blood tea. They toast with the phrase “we raise toxic tea!”. As they don’t drink it outside of this celebration, it’s quite an exciting occasion worthy of its own special toast. Due to the toxic tea being, well, toxic, people tend to get quite drunk on it, and the parties get quite wild by the morning.

Sadly, the celebration these days revolves less around celebrating the black sun itself, but more around getting drunk with your buddies. Which is cool too, at the end of the day (no pun intended) the important thing is that everyone is having fun.

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