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IPURI-WE (Interdimensional Parallel Universe Research Institute Woturih Enoma) presents an interactive database of Firraksnarre (/fiˈraks.naː.re/, fee-raks-nah-ray), a parallel universe which exists on a separate timeline from our own. The database is developed by Tomohiro Nakano, an assistant to Professor Reiko Akiyama, with the help of said professor and members of the research team White Tiger.  
Arge amvoseza, amvosiza — Vas vosjy zarmanak, vas vosjy falak… Yaz amhirza barak la vos virak erhenaran. Mhir amhirza barak da, nara, affasenakena daken vosa torvargeter.’
‘Firane Jisa Argeter’-ter
A world, not of now, not of here — Some dream of it, while others would laugh at the thought of it… Although few know that it really exists, and those who know that we humans have originated from that other world are even fewer.
from Between the Two Worlds

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