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Eg'gored (/eg'go(ː).red/)

(a.k.a. The Lord of Death, The Undefeated, The Immortal Peacock, The Bird of Despair)

Eg'gored is the god of destruction in Firraksnarre and is often treated as an evil god in the Woturihan literature. Eg'gored's sole function is to destroy the creator gods' creations, but at the same time, without Eg'gored's actions, nothing new could be born. For this reason, Eg'gored is sometimes paradoxically viewed as the driving force of creation. Even in Woturih, especially after the Arge Azoenna era, Eg'gored was rarely regarded as an existence that should be completely eliminated, and it seems that he was accepted as an integral part of the world of Firraksnarre, even though he was still feared.   Nevertheless, Woturih has a long history of persecuting Rimaism , which worshipped Eg'gored, as a pagan religion (Woturih often took a negative stance toward the deification and worship of not only Eg'gored, but also Tiziar and other creator gods). Persecution was intermittent, depending on the stance of Woturih at the time, but at the end of Arge Rhava, the Decree of Bilerme was issued, stating that "the religion believed among people should not be restricted, unless it causes harm to others," and persecution has not been constant since then.  


  The name Eg'gored, like other deities, is given in an ancient language unknown to mankind, so its exact etymology is unknown. Its first appearance in The Plan of Tiziar provides no explanation for the meaning of the name. Mark Hammond (2013) notes that the word Eg'gored is separated by an apostrophe (or more precisely, the diacritic equivalent of apostrophe in the Ordi Gediga Common Speech) and pronounced /eg.'go(ː).red/ instead of /'e.gːo(ː).red/, and He suggested that the name may have originally consisted of two words or roots, and that the front element eg- was related to the Othba'aran word 'egda 'death'. However, there is no evidence to support this theory other than the spelling, and Wasi'i al-Qasim (2013) criticized the association of this designation with the specific language of Othba'aran as a violation of the Principle of Superior Entity Neutrality.   In addition to this, Eg'gored is also called by several other names.
  • The Immortal Peacock (Qašar Aḥum-raw)
    A frequent expression in hymns in the Rimaism cult. See Rimaism and Rimaist Chant for more information.
  • The Lord of Death (Deqar m-'Egda)
    A designation used both by Rimaists and by those who reject Rimaism.
  • The Bird of Despair
    A name used by Woturih and others who take a position hostile to Limaism.

In Hic Mundus

'Esrel's Prophecy', estimated to have been written around A30, describes Eg'gored as 'gra dananzi amva torvarga narviwosina' ('a negative force personified'), and that it will cross over to a new world along with humanity at the world's destruction. It was also predicted by Esrel that it would have a negative effect on humanity in the world to which it migrated; after the IPS Incident in the winter of 2017, it became clear that Eg'gored is indeed interfering in this world, based on testimony by Osamu Ezaki, Tomoe Murata, and others. More and more people also complained of being subjected to that interference. The following year, Tomohiro Nakano proposed the hypothesis that the reincarnation of Sarna Apheita has characteristics that make it less susceptible to Eg'gored, but no conclusion has yet been reached.
Divine Classification
Incalculable; possibly older than Firraksnarre
Frequently depicted as being male, but ultimately unknown
Yellow in most literature
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey or black
Variable; can be around 1.7m to over 30m tall


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