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First Schooling

Most people put their children in the First Schooling when they’re around two or three years old. They’re taught to count and while some classes are segregated based on species (language classes, history classes) most are grouped by age and children are taught basic skills, like the general founding of the Federation, as well as the biology of the tribes. It lasts seven to eight years, or until the children are ten years old, at which point they're put into Second Schooling in their individual tribes for more focused learning.


A large, dome-like structure surrounds the small campus. While some tribes chose to have smaller, species-only schools, it is the generally agreed upon consensus that the schools should be species-inclusive. It is meant to create a type of community among the tribes to avoid further conflict after the First Schooling. The Council of Elders tries to create a sense of peace among the tribes, though they hold miraculously varying ideals and morals. The dome was a donation from the Ladon tribe to prevent weapons and to protect the children.


It was established a few years after the tribes were, when the leaders agreed that the children would need to be taught.

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