The Laws of Fillimet

  1. There is magic.
  2. Magic is everywhere, forming magical fields similar to the magnetic fields of earth.
  3. With the exception of those suffering from Unattunable Disorder, anyone can tap into magic, although some are genetically Naturally Attuned and therefore have an easier time channeling magic.
  4. Spells resulting in a sustained effect require active casting, or Rune Magic to act as a battery to sustain the channel. Spells with permanent effects do not require this.


Nobody knows how the world began, although many religions have theories. The Three Songs, for example, believe the world was formed by three sister Goddesses, representing permanence, change, and life, with the Goddess of Life holding the balance between her older twin sisters.

Principal Geography & Features

Fillimet consists of an assortment of planets and pocket planes. The main planet of Fillimet follows geography similar to Earth's. Most other planes possess similar geographic features to Earth as well.
  The higher, otherworldly plans have geography unique to them, courtesy in part to their higher spiritual frequencies and their effects.

Initial Active Setting

Fillimet contains the world of Fillimet plus various other planes.

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