The History of Fillimet so far

The world was once ruled by the Feral Dragons, Frost Fae, Redaxx, and other older species. As the younger species have developed to form their own communities many of the older species have retreated to more remote corners of the world rather than mingle with the newcomers, taking with them their knowledge and experiences including the secrets of Ancient Magic.  

Feral Dragons

The Feral Dragon are not feral at all, but highly intelligent dragons with little interest in the affairs or survival of the younger races. They are split into three ethnicities, each prioritizing a different type of treasure as the most valuable. The Soulfire believe in hoarding and sharing knowledge above all, while the Tlaxxi value strength and the Lurienne prioritize community and companionship.  

Frost Fae

The Frost Fae are delicate and small, with large Imperium resources and a Natural Attunement towards powerful magic. Their settlements and existence are secret to all but the ancient races or explorers who have stumbled upon them. The frost fae of the Lonely Peaks launched a pre-emptive centuries-long attack against the younger races of Arcturia by enraging the wildlife of the Winterwood Forest, due to fear that the expanding nation would discover their civilization and threaten their way of life. Their dispute now resolved, a small population of frost fae now reside within the nation of their former enemy, although they still strive to maintain the secret of their existence from outsiders.  


The Redaxx are the direct ancestor to several of the newer species, most notably the Dracoling. The unique telepathic adaptations of the Redaxx are believed to have led to their extinction, as locating willing partners amongst the other sapient species of Fillimet became much easier than forming procreative romantic bonds with their own kind. Samplings of their genes are carried within most of the younger humanoid races.

Current Species & Cultures

Fillimet is a world of diversity, where ethnicities rather than species is more likely to dictate the beliefs of an individual. Currently I have a few ethnicities written with more intended as I expand my world.  


The Rol'nara are inhabitants of the plane of Rol'na. In many ways they are becoming my idea of how the world should work - accepting of individuals and their quirks and ideas, welcoming to outcasts, non-judgmental of others and their struggles, and above all very community-based. They can afford to live this way because of the powers they control through the Portal Exchange, essentially allowing them great economical power over the rest of the world.  

Andisol Valley

The Andovians belong to an organized and allied valley of city states. Their world revolves around the fertility of the land, and mutual respect due to mutual military might. Their lore and beliefs hint at the supervolcano slumbering beneath the Andisol Valley they call home.  

Northern Reach

The Reachmen and Heathens are constantly at odds, locked in an epic struggle between government and the wills of the people. The Reachmen struggle for economic independence from the Heathen Church and its oppressive ways, while the Heathens follow the Church and its teachings, regardless of their personal beliefs, because complacency is more comfortable and the status quo is good to them.  


The Arcturians are battered after the centuries-long War of Generations against their local wildlife, courtesy of fearful Frost Fae. Overcome by the Heathen Crusades shortly after the end of the war, they were able to negotiate a favorable treaty to preserve their way of life. They are now focused on rebuilding, both their cities and the wildlife populations of the Winterwood Forest.  


The Jannadan people believe in harmony with nature, which is largely reflected in their marvelous cities on their home plane of Jannada which combine natural architecture with technological prowess. Their plane was recently polluted due to the actions leading up to The Refuse War, so ecological repairs are their highest priority. The Jannada do not often mingle with the other ethnicities of Fillimet.

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