Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery

The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery is devoted to the ideals of preservation, conservation, and understanding of the planes and creatures of Fillimet. They rely on like-minded benefactors to further their work, most notably the Fillimet Magical Archives and The Goldaming Family. Their goal is to learn and understand everything and Fillimet and those who call it come.

Public Agenda

The SSED is committed to exploring and protecting the world and its creatures. The society funds explorers, scientists, and mages across the known planes in their efforts towards preservation, conservation, and understanding of Fillimet. The SSED also works to disseminate their collected knowledge through Fillimet to further society's understanding of the planes they call home.


The SSED relies heavily upon donations to fund their research. In exchange they offer the knowledge gleaned through their efforts, the only thing of true value they possess. The Society does manage an assortment of research bases stationed around the known planes in territories unclaimed by any governments. The most well-known of these is the Igoris Outpost in the frozen wastelands of Igoris.

Knowledge is its own Reward.

Educational, Scientific Institute
Alternative Names
Notable Members
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Scientific Allies

The FMA is an avid financial supporter of the SSED, assisting in the funding of assorted expeditions in exchange for the prompt delivery of any and all documents detailing the discoveries of the Society.

Research Partners

Many members of the Goldaming family actively participate within the SSED, and quite a few expeditions have been funded as a joint effort between the two research-hungry powerhouses.


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