Resupply Feast

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  The resupply feast is a three day celebration unique to Igoris Outpost. The event corresponds to the annual arrival of the supply ship and provides an opportunity for the researchers to reminisce while greeting new members and celebrating the departure of old friends.


The resupply feast lasts three days, provided the weather report permits the resupply ship to remain for the duration. In cases of bad weather the unloading and reloading of the ship take precedent, with the feasting commencing upon its departure.   All residents are expected to assist in the process of unloading and reloading the supply ship, resulting in a flurry of activity at the usually relaxed Outpost. Because the resupply ship is only able to make the journey in the short window of time when the sun doesn't set this work typically happens around the clock.   While there is no official agenda for the celebration, through the years the scientists have fallen into a natural rhythm to the preparations that strikes a welcome balance between efficiency and personal time. The focus of each day is usually split as follows:  

Day One

The unloading of the supply ship takes priority over all else. Food is typically unloaded first and brought to the kitchens for preparation and storage. Any large equipment is also unloaded early in the day to ensure sufficient help is available.   Once the food and larger items are safely relocated and stored the base researchers will split into two groups. One group continues to unload the ship, while the other will begin preparations for the next day's feast.   As the day progresses many of the Outpost's inhabitants will begin to take longer breaks in their work efforts, to nap or rest before continuing their efforts. For those who have been on the Outpost for a year or two these typically involve reading newly-received letters from home, frequently accompanied by the consumption of precious fresh fruits unloaded from the supply ship. Researchers who have just completed their third year at the Outpost will also begin saying their goodbyes and gifting away any personal items they will not be bringing home with them.   New arrivals generally choose continue working most of the day, although they will frequently bounce between both working groups so as to meet the most people. This is their first opportunity to begin networking with the experienced researchers on the site and identify who to learn from during the next day's feast.  

Day Two

The second day is reserved for feasting. After a year of self-reliance upon found and farmed resources the delicacies of home are a welcome treat, but some must be consumed quickly prior to spoilage. The feasting focuses on preparing these shorter-lived provisions for immediate enjoyment, a treat after a year with less delicate fare.   In addition to eating the day is spent swapping stories, news, and memories. New arrivals are pelted with questions on current events in the rest of the world, while those accustomed to live on the base share tips to ease their transition into base life. Many anecdotes are shared of prior events at the base, frequently starring those who have already returned home and are therefore no longer able to defend their version of the story. The celebrations are a boisterous welcome to the new arrivals, and extend long into the evening.  

Day Three

The third day is spent loading the ship with discoveries, research specimens, and scientific journals and notes for their trip north. These have typically been prepared in the weeks leading up to the ship's anticipated arrival, but remain on base until just before departure as a precaution. Those who have completed their third year at the Outpost say their final farewells before boarding to return home. Upon the ship's departure newcomers are assigned their official bunks and labs and begin the process of setting up for their three month rotation at the bottom of the world.


The entire Igoris Outpost participates in the feast, both in the preparation and the celebration itself. New arrivals to the Outpost use this as an opportunity to meet their fellow researchers already positioned at the base, while those ending their three year stay at the site say their goodbyes and gift away any equipment or other items they will not be bringing home. The sailors delivering the supplies are also invited to participate, albeit in a more limited capacity.


The celebration last for three days, beginning with the arrival of the resupply ship and ending with its departure. The first day centers around unloading the ship and preparing the feast, with the second day centering on food and celebration. The third day is reserved for loading the resupply ship as those departing the Outpost say farewells to the researchers staying behind.

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