The continent of Ovavea is a small island chaining the western hemisphere of Fillimet. It includes the overgrown Bramblewood Isle, the cursed Kogal Island, and the knowledgable and industrious Martoka Island.


The continent of Ovavea includes three main islands: Bramblewood Isle in the northwest, Kogal Island to its south, and Martoka Island to the southeast. The continent touches three oceans, the Drakonan Ocean to the west and south, the Lophelian Ocean to the east, and the Min Ocean to the southeast.  

Bramblewood Isle


Kogal Island


Martoka Island


  • Map of Ovavea

    Map of Ovavea

Location under
Plane of Fillimet
Owning Organization
Fillimet Magical Archives

Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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