Music of Fillimet

I have always loved music, and have recently overcome my fear of commissioning songs for my world. This page is a collection of available songs and musical themes of Fillimet, as well as a compilation of my intentions of future commissions.  

Completed Songs

Orchestral Themes

The Fillimet Soundtrack, by the amazing Elias Alija, is available for purchase on Bandcamp!
Fillimet is a bright fantasy, upbeat world full of hope and wonder. It has been known to find its own dark or somber undertones from time to time but even in these stories there is a hint of something better, and belief in the possibility of overcoming the darkness. Elias Alija's theme captures the essence of Fillimet perfectly.
This imposing magical library is constantly occupied by magical knowledge seekers across Fillimet. The amazing Elias Alija has captured the Great Library in song, with its playful magical melodies dancing around sinister hints of the secrets within...
The lonely and unpredictable continent of Igoris hints at the secrets of ancient magic and dangerous predators well-adapted to the frozen wasteland. Elias Alija has perfectly captured the desolate beauty and mystery of the frozen southern continent.
The Reachmen are tough and resourceful, pulling close as a community in the face of adversity from the Heathen Church. They also have allies in unexpected places. Elias has composed Heart of the Giftwood, a lovely working song as a tribute to their resilience, community, and work ethic.

Solo Vocals


In Progress Songs

I have hired the talented julgrnadpa of Fiverr to immortalize this song with actual music, and in so doing also help determine the ethnic sounds of the Ardovians. I am quite excited to hear the final results.

Possible Future Songs

People of Fillimet

The Rol'nara are a colorful close-knit society from the mysterious plane of Rol'na. They are friendly but private with outsiders, with a priority on food and family. Hopefully this theme can also include their lullaby.
The Andovians are an agricultural society of scattered city states, each with their own rich heritages, and each a part of the whole. The Andisol Valley serves as the breadbasket of Nomura, and its people treasure the richness and value of life and its cycles.

Lyrianne of the Song

Lyrianne Skyroot finds herself thrust into adventure in the midst of grief, a young woman in a hostile land seeking answers in the hope of saving her mother, as she uncovers secrets about her Faith and her family's past. Love and Loss.

Storms of Memory

Storms of Memory will be an epic adventure following three unlikely friends on their race across Fillimet to save the world of magic from an unspeakable darkness.
Siara Stormblossom struggles to find her place in the world, an Unattunable lost in a world of magic.
After decades spent trying to atone for his mistakes, the kindly Talenthar is confronted with the repercussions of his failures to address the truth of his past.
Matthias' street smarts have always served him well despite his abusive parents, until his talents catch the eye of a wizened mage intent on altering his life forever.

Cover image: White Music Sheet by Sarah


Author's Notes

Do you have any suggestions on musical themes you would like to hear? Let me know in the comments!

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