Mark of Cianna

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  Elaborate carvings of Cianna's Gift remain a popular decoration among the Reachmen, typically used to denote the carved item contains Giftwood. When the carving displays a specific rendition of the tree, however, with the tree itself enclosed in a circle, suddenly the image denotes its owner is a Reachman and opposed to the Heathen Church.  

Cianna's Gift

Cianna's Gift is the name given to the large Giftwood Tree at Northwood, the oldest known Giftwood in the grove. Some claim the tree itself is why the town was founded. Regardless of the truth of that statement the tree has become a favorite landmark among the citizens of Northwood, especially among magic practicioners with an interest in the trees magical effects and its impact on Northwood and the surrounding Giftwood Grove.


Reachmen recognize the Mark of Cianna as a sign the bearer is opposed to the Church of the Heathen Prophet and their efforts to exert full financial control over the Northern Reach, and therefore a willing ally to the Reachmen. If the bearer also passes a test on their familiarity with Ciannese it is additionally assumed they are familiar with the true secret of Cianna's Gift.  
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I like that such a popular decoration can also be used to show someone's religious leanings. Great idea. :)

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