Lokiran Ocean

The Lokiran Ocean is found in the southern hemisphere of Fillimet. An unassuming ocean, it is best known as the home of the Lokiran Whale, a large, peaceful sea mammal found only within the waters of the Lokiran.


The Lokiran Ocean lays in the southern hemisphere of Fillimet, with Nomura to the north, Igoris to the south, Khalembra to the west and Lokira to the east. The ocean's waters are calm and clear, sharing many traits with the Blackguard Ocean to its north but very little of its pirating history. The waters of the Lokiran mingle with those of the Andisol Sea to its northwest.

Fauna & Flora

The ocean is home to its own array of Fish and other sealife. Most notable is the Lokiran Whale, a giant mammal found only within the Lokiran Ocean. While Strangling Kelp is mostly found in the Andisol Sea it can also be found in the northwestern portions of the Lokiran Ocean, as well.

Natural Resources

The Lokiran offers a wide array of Fish, Shellfish, and other potential edibles. Inhabitants of the nearby continent of Lokira also harvests Salt from the ocean.
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