Frost Fae

The frost fae are a rather delicate and secretive winged species native to the Lonely Peaks. Until fairly recently their existence was entirely unknown to the majority of Fillimet, and in many areas they are still considered a myth.  
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Basic Information


Frost fae possess four primary limbs, two arms and two legs. A pair of iridescent butterfly-type wings grow from between their shoulder blades, allowing them to fly.

Ecology and Habitats

Frost fae thrive in the cold, especially at higher altitudes. For this reason most prefer to make their homes along mountain peaks such as along the Lonely Peaks. The frost fae build their homes from the snow and ice with the help of Hydromancy, which allows them to maintain the cold temperatures required for their comfort.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Frost fae cultivate the delicate Frost Flower, harvesting its nectar for consumption. This nectar's flavor changes depending upon the nutrients fed to the flowers as well as the magic to which it is exposed, resulting in a rather adventurous field of horticulture to provide the most fantastical nectar flavors.   Outside of their home territories the frost fae have also been known to consume honey and a variety of sweet fruits and their juices, but frost flower nectar is their preferred source of sustenance.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most known frost fae are found in the Lonely Peaks of Nomura, at heights out of range of most sapient individuals except the Feral Dragon. Due to their preferred habits many suspect the Igoris Mountains may contain another thriving frost fae society, but the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery has yet to discover any evidence to promote this speculation.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Frost fae are naturally attuned to the magical fields, with powerful magic capabilities to help counter their physical weaknesses.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Frost fae have highly developed magical talents, particularly in Hydromancy and most forms of Nature Magic. This is used in everything from the construction of their homes to crafting their clothing to growing and preparing their food. Their powerful natural attunement allows for more potent spellcasting which they use to advantage.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The frost fae are delicate creatures and extremely distrustful of outsiders. As a result the citizens of Fillimet remained largely unaware of the frost fae's existence.   This fear also led to the War of Generations, almost two hundred years of magically enraging the wildlife of the Winterwood Forest to attack the people of Arcturia simply due to the fear that the thriving nation would expand into the Lonely Peaks and discover the frost fae. While an alliance of sorts has since been declared there are many on both sides who remain distrustful due to the centuries-old conflict.   The frost fae have always maintained an understanding with the Feral Dragons who roost within their mountains. The fae have no interest in the affairs of the dragons, while the dragons consider the fae too small to make a satisfying snack, and so they each leave the other to their own devices.
Scientific Name
Zanasha acara
120 years
Average Height
9 in to 12 in
Average Weight
0.3 lbs to 0.6 lbs
Average Physique
Frost fae are physically weak, causing most to fear other creatures and the possibilities of injury from their careless movements. They compensate for this weakness with an impressively powerful grasp on the use of magic and a natural attunement to the magical fields.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Frost fae tend to have ice blue skin, with wings varying from clear to ice blue to rainbow prismatic colorations.

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