Farscale Tower

Originally built to study Feral Dragons, Farscale Tower was later adopted by a mysterious group intent on manipulating the world through Vitriol Magic.

Purpose / Function

The Tower was originally constructed to study Feral Dragons from afar. The top of the Tower contained many high quality observation tools to assist in their research, with telescopes arranged to cover every location of anticipated dragon activity. The remains of most of these instruments can be found stiluck to various stones within the power, victims of the wrath of dragons.   Today the Tower is used solely as the living quarters of the Unattuned working on the island.


Construction of the Tower

Farscale Tower was originally constructed by the Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery to study Feral Dragons safely from afar, in direct response to the loss of Rolph Duval and his party at the Jyllaru Bone Caves. After careful review the quiet sheep herding community of Kogal Island was selected for the new research tower in 5642 CFE. Construction was completed a year later and the tower went into service.  

Tower Operations and Discoveries

The Tower was placed strategically to view draconic activity on Drakona, Eastern Khalembra, and Igoris, as well as their rare incursions into Lokira. It also allowed for observation of the ongoing research at Lokira's Jyllaru Bone Caves, ensuring that if another research expedition met a fate such as Duval's team at least the SSED would know how the event occurred, and possibly be able to provide assistance.   Through use of the Tower the SSED was able to independently verify Paitr Goldaming's reports of three different draconic ethnicities: the Soulfire, who value intelligence, the strength-respecting Tlaxxi, and the relationship-centric Lurienne. The few feral dragons visiting or residing within Lokira were also successfully identified as Tlaxxi. Further efforts were underway to study the intricacies of draconic culture and behavior, particularly the Tlaxxi and Lurienne, when the feral dragons discovered the existence of the Tower.  

Draconic Decommissioning

In 5683 CFE a representative from each of the three draconic ethnicities arrived at Farscale Tower, in what the SSED believed to be an unusual show of agreement. The dragons destroyed the monitoring equipment at the peak of the Tower before announcing in no uncertain terms that the research at the Tower was to be ceased immediately, or the dragons would begin to interfere with all of the SSED's research in retaliation.   The SSED wisely agreed to these terms and grudgingly decommissioned the Tower to allow the feral dragons their privacy once more. The source of the dragon's information was never discovered, with some SSED members accusing Paitr Goldaming of notifying Xaladreth, despite his protests to the contrary.  

Tower in Ruins

After its decommissioning and subsequent abandonment by the SSED the Tower stood empty. The local towns of Kogal would use the Tower upon occasion as a vantage point to guard against predators hunting their flocks of sheep, but as the SSED retained ownership of the building nobody claimed responsibility for its maintenance and the Tower slowly crumbled into ruin.   And then, after being allowed to crumble for more than two decades, the Tower suddenly began to receive the repairs it so desperately needed. The citizens of Kogal were unable to observe the individuals responsible, but every morning the Tower was in fewer pieces than the night before. Most assumed the SSED had found a new use for the Tower, although a few insisted the repairs were being made in secret because the SSED had resumed their study of the feral dragons and wished to prevent discovery of that fact. Whatever the reason, it was generally agreed that the renovation of the old Tower eyesore was good for the island.  

Calamity Strikes

The occupants of the Tower retained their secrecy as efficiently as they maintained the Tower, without a single fruitful sighting from the increasingly prying inhabitants of the island. Some reported strange chanting at dusk and dawn, with others insisting on strong feelings of unease when approaching the Tower with overwhelming feelings of relief when finally turning away, but the Tower and its new occupants retained their secrets.   Until finally, in the 5712 CFE, Calamity struck the Island of Kogal. It began with little warning, a single twisted tree outside of the Tower, but began to spread quickly. Whoever had taken ownership of the Farscale Tower had been performing potent Vitriol Magic which was now poisoning the entire island.   Evacuation orders were given and the citizens of Kogal began to pack up whatever they could on short notice and flee to the docks. Fortunately for them three large merchant had docked that morning, and while one returned to the see at the first word of trouble the other two agreed to help who they could, with one sailing the refugees to the nearby Bramblewood Isle while the larger brought its new passengers to their next intended port on the bustling Martoka Island. As a result most inhabitants were able to leave the island before falling victim to the Calamity.   The state of the Tower itself is largely unknown to this day. Travel to visit the Tower is not possible through ordinary means, as visiting the site carries the risk of those visitors succumbing to the Calamity. All research into the incident and its fallout are therefore performed by boat while circling the island, being careful to watch the water to avoid sailing into the area of impact. The SSED has hired a few people with Unattunable Disorder to plant the Imperium-loving Imperial Night Rose in the hope the flower will purge the damage from the island, but thus far the flowers have had no effect.   While many of the families displaced by the Calamity refuse to return, a few long for the island of their childhood and heritage. The SSED has pledged their assistance in cleansing the island, and so the research continues.
Founding Date
Tower, Mage
Parent Location

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