Drakonan Ocean

The uncharted canyons at the depths of the Drakonan Ocean are known as home to great oceanic pressures, high temperatures, unknown coral species, and large sea monsters.   The only attempt to explore the ocean's depths ended in the destruction of the Submersible and the loss of both crew members. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery has vowed to send a new expedition to investigate the unusual coral and large sea creature spotted by the submersible's crew shortly before disaster struck once they complete the design and construction of a submersible capable of surviving the harsh conditions at the bottom of the Drakonan Ocean.


The floor of the Drakonan Ocean is deep and craggy, with several largely unexplored canyons running along its depths. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery did sponsor one exploration mission into its depths, an ill-fated Submersible mission which reported vast oceanic pressures and high temperatures within the canyon. Giant unknown Coral was reported as growing from within the abyss. The SSED was unable to extract the doomed submersible or to determine if its loss was due to the pressure, heat, or enormous sea creature reported just before its destruction. The society has vowed to continue their exploration of the Drakonan but only after development of a new submersible able to withstand currently known conditions within the depths.   The Drakonan Ocean stretches almost from pole to pole of Fillimet, spilling into the Arktos Ocean to the north and landing on the shores of Igoris to the south. It laps against the shores of the continental Islands of Drakona and Ovavea to the east, with Shikon and Lokira to the west.

Fauna & Flora

Deep sea Coral and giant sea creatures are known to roam in the deepest unexplored canyons beneath the Drakonan Ocean. The usual assortment of Fish and other marine life is available throughout the ocean as well.

Natural Resources

Citizens of Bramblewood Isle extract salt from the ocean waters on their shores for use as preservatives.   Fishing is also a past time for those living along its shores, although due to the tales of sea monsters within its depths most professional fishermen steer clear. Those that remain are usually running a charter tour advertising deep sea monster fishing. No sea monsters have been caught yet but wealthy adventure seekers still try, fueled by tall tales of near successes spread eagerly by charter captains.

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Plane of Fillimet
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