Behind the Veil: Necromantic Basics for Beginners

You hold in your hands the greatest collection of known Necromantic knowledge, written and compiled by the greatest minds in Necromantic history.   At least, at the time of printing. I have been told we are still waiting on some final updates from several key contributors who have promised to provide additional details once they have the opportunity to personally verify their hypothesis. Alas, dear reader, these scientists are still alive and we must therefore continue waiting with bated breath... But not too bated, lest we find ourselves on the dark side of the Veil before the next edition of this book!   Within these treasured pages you will find a collection of annotated essays and first person accounts of key groundbreaking efforts to pierce the Veil and discover the truth of Necromancy, told with their own expertise... and humor. May these tales of scientific elation, innovation, and heartbreak propel your own endeavors to greater heights and spiritual understandings.
— Editor's Foreward, Behind the Veil, 78th Edition


Behind the Veil contains a compilation of experimentation and their findings from famous studies on the Veil. Each study resulted in major breakthroughs in the field of Necromancy, from the fundamentals of how Necromancy works to the importance of each step in key Necromantic rituals and what impact they hold over the final results. As a result Behind the Veil has been translated into countless languages and has become a staple for the library of mages with even a hint of ability in the field of Necromancy.   The Great Library of Arcana holds the original manuscript and prints thousands of copies each year for sale and distribution. As custodians the Library also maintains and curates the information within, releasing new editions to include any additional scientific breakthroughs once the results have been adequately verified through subsequent experiments and studies.

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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
9 Nov, 2020 17:56

This sounds like an amazing book and I want to read it.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
9 Nov, 2020 19:57

You and me both! I don't think I could do it justice, but perhaps someday I will attempt it!

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