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Snuhsui'asu Horses

Smileface Horse

Written by littletoes101

A truly incredible, sturdy type of creature they were. Suseil can't help but stare at them with wonder; herds upon herds of them grazing quietly in the pastures.   "They're strong, but they're pretty tame," Braakklavkol says when xie notices Suseil staring. "You could pet one if you want."
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  The Snuhsui'asu Horses of Felithera are one of the many non-feline, non-sapient species populating the planet. They are one of the few herbivorous species to not be seen widely as food. Instead, they mainly function as beasts of burden for the cats. When foot travel was replaced with horse-drawn travel, Snuhsui'asu were among the first species to be used for it. Though slightly smaller than your average horse, what they lack in size they more than make up for in power.

Basic Information


Standing slightly shorter than most modern Earthen horses, and even other horses on Felithera, they are not small enough to be considered dwarf or miniature, but are noticeably smaller than others of their species. They come in all of the colors seen in a standard horse, as well as a few strange patterns such as brindle, calico, tortoiseshell, gradient, and more. They generally have a friendly demeanor, and their faces appear to "smile" when happy or excited, earning them their name. Their eyes are almost always light-colored, no matter the base coat color.
Scientific Name
Equus felitherus smilanus
Equine, specifically the nearly-extinct Larphsaas horse.
Conservation Status
There is little need for conservation of this species in the wild or in captivity thanks to it being so widespread and easy to breed. They are considered of least concern to the WFPA.


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