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Personal Dwellings

Written by littletoes101

Suseil was, honestly, surprised when ey was invited into their home. Suseil was a stranger to this family. Why were they acting so friendly? [...] After stepping over the threshold, eir eyes darted around the small dwelling. It was certainly homely, and warm, but it was nothing like Suseil had ever seen before.
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  All homes are different in Felithera, but different regions tend to have similar structures of buildings. There is a broad pattern that flows across the eleven continents, and then they get more specialized as the area becomes smaller. Counties within countries tend to have their own building patterns.This is not to say, however, that they are all the same even within these small spaces. Felines are incredibly creative and resourceful creatures, and are not one to be uniform with their neighbors at all times.   One thing that determines what kind of housing is available is the location. Because it is difficult to ship things such as lumber from across countries or continents, many felines are limited to what is immediately available around them. Naturally, those who live near large trees will use those to carve out a living. But for those who live near or in the desert, for example, they may need to be more resourceful. Burrows are more common there.   Personal dwellings are rarely large. The personal dwelling is usually made to fit the family which is inhabiting it, and no larger. If the family grows, so will the dwelling, and it is for this reason that most dwellings are as adaptable as the felines themselves. Dwellings are usually built near a water source in order to make for easy agriculture and survival. In the case of areas with little rainfall or water sources, tunnels or aqueducts may be dug or built in order to bring water to the home.
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