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Basic Information


Humans are bipedal Humanoids with two arms.

Biological Traits

Humans skin tone vary where they live in the world, in warmer climates the skin tone is darker while in colder climates the skin tone is lighter.

Genetics and Reproduction

Humans reproduce sexually and have a gestation period of 9 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Humans start at infancy and grown into children, after this they grow to young adulthood then into adults and finally elderly.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans are able to live in most environments as long as they are able to use tools and/or magic to help them survive in harsher environments. However, Humans prefer to live in temperate or tropical climates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans are omnivores, to procure food Humans farm and domesticate animals, however, Humans are also able to forage and hunt for food if necessary.

Biological Cycle

As time passes Humans age at a normal rate and are not effected by seasons.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Humans social structure is different depending where they live, however, their is usually a ruling caste that is in charge of the rest.

Facial characteristics

Humans have two eyes and ears on mouth and nose. Male Humans are able to grow facial hair.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans are distributed across the entire world.

Average Intelligence

Humans have a high level of intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans use Sight and Hearing to perceive the world around them, Humans that can use magic are also able to use magic to perceive the world around them as well.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The naming traditions of Humans depend on which Human civilization they come from. The Empire's naming traditions are similar to West European and British names, the Jade Kingdom's naming traditions are similar to Asian names, the Dune Sovereignty's naming traditions are similar to Arabian and Middle Eastern names and the Amazons' naming traditions are similar to Ancient Greek names.

Major Organizations

The 4 major Human civilizations are The Empire, the Jade Kingdom, the Dune Sovereignty and the Amazons, however, their are smaller groups within them like chivalric orders, councils or secret orders. The Light Order, The Order of the Crown and The Templars of Judgement are chivalric orders that belong to The Empire, The Legion Council are the political party that help rule The Empire and The Hidden is the secret order within The Empire. The Golden Order, The Order of Oaths and The Jade Guardians are chivalric orders that belong to the Jade Kingdom, The Elite Council are the political party that help rule the Jade Kingdom and The Black Lotus is the secret order within the Jade Kingdom. The Seraph Order, The Order of the Sands and The Crescent Legion are chivalric orders that belong to the Dune Sovereignty, The Grand Council  are the political party that help rule the Dune Sovereignty and The Cloaks is the secret order within the Dune Sovereignty. The Mother Order is the chivalric order that belong to the Amazons, The Sisterhood is the political party that help rule the Amazons and The Daughters are the secret order within the Amazons. All the Humans share a common religious organisation that being the Church of the Supreme.

Beauty Ideals

Beauty ideas differ between the Human civilizations, in The Empire a handsome man is someone who is tall with chiselled features and well kept or no facial hair while a beautiful woman is someone with a hourglass figure, large breasts and bottom, and with well kept hair and makeup. In the Jade Kingdoms a handsome man is someone who is slender and lean with long hair and is clean shaved while a beautiful woman is someone who is thin and has a slender body with small breasts and bottom. In the Dune Sovereignty a handsome man is someone who has a large muscular body with rugged features and who has facial hair while a beautiful woman is someone to is short and has small breasts but a large bottom. The Amazons idea of a handsome man is someone who is skinny and weak looking while the idea of a beautiful woman is someone who is large and muscular with wide hips and a tattooed body.

Gender Ideals

Gender ideals differ between the Human civilizations, in The Empire the roles of males and females play are equal in their society as long as the person shows their worth and merit they can rise to higher positions regardless of gender, the thing that divides the peoples role in The Empire is their class. In the Jade Kingdoms the males are expected to do the more physical roles such as farming or being soldiers while the females have less physical roles such as merchants and teachers, however, both genders are equal in matters of politics as long as they are part of the nobility. In the Dune Sovereignty males are considered to be better than females and therefore most jobs are done by males, the females job is to be a mother and raise their families while the males work. Amazons gender ideals is that females are greater than males therefore most jobs are done by females, the males job is to be a father and raise their families while the females work.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship ideals differ between the Human civilizations, in The Empire it is expected for the men to propose to the women after some time being together. In the Jade Kingdoms the parents of the man and woman arrange for them to wed each other. In the Dune Sovereignty the men must impress the father of the woman they wish to marry in order for them to be wedded. Amazons send women to find single men in the world once found they are tricked and abducted, the men are then brought back to the Amazons homeland where single women pick the men they want to marry.

Relationship Ideals

Relationship ideals differ between the Human civilizations, in The Empire men and women have an equal relationship when raising the a family it is expected that both parents help raise the children and that either one or both of the parents work. In the Jade Kingdoms married men are expected to work and provide for their families while married women raise and look after the children and if able work jobs that don't interfere with child raising. In the Dune Sovereignty married women are expected to raise the children and look after the house while the men work and provide income, married women are also expected to do what they are told by their husband. Amazons believe that married men must raise the children and look after the house while the women work and provide income, married men are also expected to do what they are told by their wife.

Average Technological Level

Humans as a species have some of the more advance technologies in the world, in the cities the use of electricity produced by steam engines is common place while in smaller towns and villages electricity is used less. Humans mainly use horse drawn carriages as transportation, however, their are trains and steamboats that can be used as transport. Humans use swords, axes, spears, polearms and bows as weapons, they also have access to gunpowder and can use single shot guns. Siege weapons that Humans use include catapults, trebuchets, cannons and rockets, these are similar to fireworks. Humans also use magic tools, but are not dependant on them, to help with their daily lives such as magical tools to help with cooking and cleaning.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

All Humans speak Common to communicate with other races and Humans from other civilizations, However each Human civilization has their own language as well. In The Empire they speak Argili, in the Jade Kingdom they speak Imoshi, in the Dune Sovereignty they speak Udemarin and the Amazons speak Azoni.

Common Etiquette Rules

Humans have a caste system where those of a higher caste are respected and are talked using honorifics, those of same caste speak to each other on equal terms, but are still polite with each other, while those who are of a lower caste are spoken casually too and don't have to be treated politely.

Common Dress Code

Humans wear different clothes depending on their caste and where they live, in The Empire the nobility wear extravagant suits, coats, hats and dresses and are usually adorned with fine and expensive jewellery, while those of a lower caste wear simpler clothes such as plain shirts, trousers, coats and dresses. In the Jade Kingdoms the nobility wear extravagant yukatas and kimonos made out of fine silk and adorned with majestic patterns, while the those of a lower caste wear simpler yukatas and kimonos made out cloth or simple shirts and trousers. in the Dune Sovereignty the nobility wear fine silk clothes and sashes with swords attached, they also adorn themselves with jewellery, while the lower caste wear clothes made out of cloth and wear scarves around their face and head. The Amazons wear revealing clothing to show their muscles and tattoos, they also have piercings on their face and body, however, the nobility of the Amazons also wear jewellery and hair accessories.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Human culture is different depending where the Human lives, in The Empire they uphold the code of chivalry due to this the people of The Empires daily lives are influenced by this for example those who have more power be it magical, physical or financial are expected to help those weaker and less Fortinet than them, even if that person isn't Human. In the Jade Kingdom their culture is focussed on wealth therefore the people living in the Jade Kingdom try to accumulate as much wealth as they can while also showing it off by buying expensive works of art and throwing lavish parties. In the Dune Sovereignty their culture is focussed on their heritage and history and therefore the people living in the Dune Sovereignty are very proactive in protecting historical monuments and documents, the young are also taught to listen to your elders and to look after them. The Amazons culture is focussed on the idea of a warrior creed where all the females should be taught to fight and defend themselves and to protect the men who are deemed to be weaker.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Human customs and traditions differ between the Human civilizations, however, all Humans have one common tradition where a new born baby is baptized in a church or other religious structure belonging to the Church of the Supreme. In The Empire it is common for children reaching adulthood to be given a ceremonial object by their parents or guardian to show they have become an adult, this object can be anything from a sword, a glove, a watch or any other object as long as this objects has the name of the child becoming and adult on it. Another custom/tradition in The Empire is that people celebrate the founding of The Empire by holding a week long festival, during the festival there are many attractions and games to play and there are food stall lining the streets as this happens the the ruling caste and noble usually go to balls and parties to celebrate. In the Jade Kingdom it is common for the nobility to hold lavish parties to celebrate a birth of a new child into their families, the noble family who has the new child usually invites other family members and friends and those attending bring gifts to congratulate the parents. Another custom/tradition in the Jade Kingdom is to put talismans on the doors to their house on the last day of year, the talismans are believed to bring luck and expel evil spirits and curses as the people welcome in a new year. In the Dune Sovereignty it is common for the people to hold festivals on the first day of the new year to honour their ancestors and to pay respect to those who have died, the festival lasts for a week and on the last day the people are expected to visit the graves of family members and give them offerings of food. Another custom/tradition in the Dune Sovereignty is that they do not eat meat belonging to pigs as they are seen as unclean and if eaten would pollute the soul of those have eaten pig meat. it is tradition in the Amazons society to tattoo their bodies, the tattoos on an Amazons' body depict their accomplishments and notable things they have done for example a tattoo of a sword shows that the Amazon is a warrior and would have gotten that tattoo when after becoming a warrior. Another custom/tradition in the Amazons society is that the daughters of an Amazon mush show their worth by completing a task that shows that they are worthy of being an Amazon, tasks include hunting, showing their combat/magical prowess and other things once complete the new Amazon is given a tattoo to show what they have achieved.

Common Taboos

All Humans share common taboos such cannibalism, murder which is unlawful and/or unjustified and stealing, There are other taboos that belong to specific Human civilizations. In the Empire slavery, the use of drugs, gambling is illegal and adultery though not illegal is seen as very bad. In the Jade Kingdoms insulting those of the ruling class and nobility is seen as a crime and can be punished by imprisonment, the act of suicide is seen as dishonourable and it is believed that the souls of those who committed suicide haunt the places where they died. In the Dune Sovereignty it is illegal and frowned upon to eat meat from pigs and to keep pigs as they are seen as unclean, the destruction of historical monuments and documents is illegal and is punishable by death. In the Amazons society it is forbidden to capture married males and to capture young male children, it is also forbidden to harm another Amazon and their families doing so leads to imprisonment or even death.


Humans like all the other races were once united as one civilization but due to a civil they left to form their own kingdoms. There are 4 major Human civilizations that emerged due to the civil war these are The Empire, the Jade Kingdom, the Dune Sovereignty and the Amazons. Humans have spread across the entire world having colonies in all continents and are continuously mingling with the other races in the world.

Historical Figures

Each Human civilization has their own important historical figures, in the Empire there is Robert Toureind the founder of The Empire and the first emperor, Horst Salzer the founder of the magic schools in The Empire and advisor to the first emperor and Rochelle Tauscher a great hero of The Empire and thanks to her many wars were won. In the Jade Kingdoms there is Manabe Tsuyano the founder of the Jade Kingdom and first Queen, Sano Terutaka a great merchant and the man who increased the wealth of the Jade Kingdom and Hojo Nobunari a great general who won many wars and protected the Jade Kingdom from invaders. In the the Dune Sovereignty there is Nadeem al-Shaer the founder of the Dune Sovereignty and the first Sultan, Jalaal al-Majid a powerful mage who helped save the Dune Sovereignty invasions and Saleel el-Irani a great hero who stopped many invasions and protected historical documents. Important historical figures in Amazons society include Thyxiadia the founder of the Amazons and first Queen, Rada a great priestess who saved many lives from diseases and harsh wounds and Scileia the Amazon hero who slayed many monsters and beasts.

Common Myths and Legends

Each Human civilization has their own myths and legends, in The Empire the myths and legends include: The Mystical Blade, The Shinning Knight and The Cursed Beast. In the Jade Kingdom the myths and legends include: The Jade Dragon, The Wicked Enchantress and The Three Jewels. In the Dune Sovereignty the myths and legends include: The Black Palace, The Maw and The Forgotten Ones. Amazon myths and legends include: The White Crown, The Poison Mist and The Evil Serpent.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Humans generally try to have peaceful with the other races in the world, though each Human civilization has their own unique relations with certain races. The Empire has particularly good relations with the Dwarves and both have formed a strong alliance with each other. The Jade Kingdom has an uneasy relation with the Onis as many Onis have been capturing citizens belonging to the Jade Kingdom. The Dune Sovereignty has a bad relation with the insectoids and Scorpids as they have tried to turn historical monuments belonging to the Dune Sovereignty into hives. The Amazons have a good relations with the Reptills and Beastmen and have come to their aid on multiple occasions.
Scientific Name
80 years
Average Height
5' 7" for females 6' 1" for males
Average Weight
69.0kg for females 84.0kg for males
Average Physique
The Average Human physique is tall and lean, but can vary depending on individual as some can be more muscular or fatter.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Humans have varied skin colour from light to dark, some humans have albinism or vitiligo.

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