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Even More CHG Stuff Because I Have No Life 2, More Details On Loki Boogaloo

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Well boys and girls this is it the loophole I spent so long looking for regarding the lack of room for more articles on the CHG world - making it 2 worlds!

CHG, the Centralized Human Government (formed by a military takeover within the United Human Nation, itself formed by the United Commonwealth and Oriental Empires having internal coups and conquering the United States, the Russian Federation, the Nordic Union and the Indian Republics, formed themselves from a war between humanity and the Goners... look if you want juicy details go to my other world, which is also the same world but classed as a different world), was initially very controlling for various reasons but, due to the increased security of the nation as it has grown more powerful, more populous and created better-defended borders, both deliberately and accidentally, has loosened up quite a bit. The CHG is 99+% human, with what few aliens it has permanently living within its borders being closely monitored and oppressed in case they work for the LIR.

The only power able to rival the CHG is the LIR or League of Intelligent Races. They were also formed from a war with the Goners that drew lots of alien races into a security pact, the LIR, that became more centralized over time so that resources could be better utilized, as well as a series of complex events that were largely due to the ruling class of the Toppers being a bunch of Illuminati-level schemers. It then became less centralized due to a mixture of "we see what you doin' you children of motherf***ers" from other races, plans backfiring, the LIR getting too big for remaining centralized to be an effective way of doing things anyway and Toppers turning on one another for power.

Within the CHG's outer territories, far from the League, and kept fiercely secret is Planet Loki. It's basically a world built by the genocidal Old Ones to assist them in glassing and then terraforming worlds, as well as serving as a habitat for their kind. Then the Old Ones got caught in a genocidal race war among themselves and wiped themselves out. Then Loki linked up with Earth, malfunctioned a little and terraformed + spread Earth-originated life to a TONNE of planets within the Orion Arm. The aliens are all descended from life that Loki spread. Currently, the CHG uses it in addition to a machine that builds entire planets from matter gained by breaking the law of conservation of matter to make habitable worlds so that they don't have to expand.

Anyhow, one concession I will be making to lovers of the good ol' days when this bit was dedicated solely to Loki is a "Loki" section. This will contain stuff regarding its history, peoples/races, species, locations and so on. There will be at least 1 article about the CHG's interactions with Loki and the current situations between the CHGSMS (Centralized Human Government's Secret Military Service) and Loki, including its many, many empires and factions... the general trend is that the CHGSMS doesn't let anyone near Loki's portals, pretends to be a pantheon of gods, kidnaps people, makes people sacrifice their spit as a means of collecting their DNA, encourages the banning of technology and occasionally just massacres entire kingdoms if that tech is looking too cool.

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