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The origin

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  The now-extinct allkin are theorised by scholars to be the ancestors of all four of Etrea's sapient species. Not much is known about them, and most of what is considered 'established facts' by academics are only theories and educated guesses. They are believed to have been much more magical than the species that evolved from them.
  Until recently, the only evidence of their existance was scant artefacts and bone fragments, along with the fact that there was some amount of genetic combatibility between the species. This changed with the discovery of a frozen, mummified corpse that was exposed by shifting ice. She is known by scholars as 'Mother'. She quickly deteriorated after her removal from the ice, but in the time they had researchers found several anomalies that led them to believe she was from an ancestor species: five altus, a bigger, slightly elongated head, and longer than average limbs.

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