WorldAnvil Challenges

Challenge yourself; it's the only path that leads to growth.
— Morgan Freeman
  One of the features I enjoy the most on WorldAnvil is the challenges. The sense of community that rises up around these events is second to none I have ever experienced before.   My goal is to participate in as many challenges as I can to continue to grow as a writer and to continue to support others in this wonderful community.  

Community Challenges

  These challenges are rigorous events with the goal of one polished article at the end.    

Flash Challenges

  Quick-fire prompts with a short time limit, these for-fun challenges allow you to explore many different aspects of your world.    

Summer Camp

  An insane challenge of daily (sometimes more) prompts in July, Summer Camp was my induction by fire into WorldAnvil and cemented my love of the community. Journals of my Summer Camp experiences can be found below.    


  In the month of December, the challenge is to write 10000 new words on your world. Journals of my WorldEmber experiences can be found below.   (Coming soon.)  

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Author's Notes

I wanted to make a record of the challenges I've completed on WorldAnvil. Just a simple thing, but it'll be great to look back on in the years to come! :)

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