Interrogator's Knuckle

Written by Barron

Thousands of people have felt the cold Sunmetal of the Interrogator's Knuckle kissing their cheek. It was their final sensation, a culmination of years of torture and brutality all coming to a head. To many it was relief, a sip of cool water amidst a ever-lasting thirst.   In reality, it symbolized the end of a prisoners suffering, for if the Interrogator's Knuckle touched you, the Haimarchy had no more need of you.

A Parting Kiss

The Interrogator's Knuckle is a ring that uses Auric Magic to sap the final emotions and confessions from prisoners sentenced to Death. They are given as a badge of office of The Verin Haimarchy's highest ranking enforcers.   Many of these rings become Affinities over centuries of use; a side effect of absorbing the raw emotions and final thoughts of those sentenced to death.

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Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
The Vanthric Haimarchy


The Interrogators Knuckle is forged from Sunmetal. It is intrinsically engraved with the Haimarchy Signal. A single blossom consisting of Hematoid Quartz is inset on the top of the ring.

Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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