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What is Ethnis?

Ethnis is a massive Science-Fantasy setting, a backdrop for stories in many types of media. This Codex is the lore bible for a Tabletop Roleplaying Game, novels, and several manuscripts in various states of completion from first draft to finished publication.

It’s a Cycle.


Life and Death. Ecstasy and Agony. Love and Void. These are the elements of the Great Drama, this is the motion of The Wheel.   A stalwart crew explores distant, vivid planets, dancing with those poor folk rich of spirit and fighting against rich lords poor of morals. Their arrival staunches tyranny, their charity balms plight, and their presence brings peace. Are you with them?   There’s a party in a golden palace where every guest is more distinguished than the next. They partake in writhing meals that morph through many properties as they cross your tongue. Chrome-plated pleasureslaves with laughs like crystal bells weep amphetamine tears while they give their all to a swan-song performance before becoming dessert. Do you attend?   In a ramshackle church on a fringe planet a girl clings to a Somnolent cross. She is whispering the Somme of Hope into its eye. Infernos full of cackling figures consume the horizon. Angels descend from heaven like a meteor shower in the night. Do you save her?   A band of marauders plate their ship with the carcasses of raided vessels. Their tech and crew is cobbled together from every Banner. Despite a cutthroat nature brotherhoods form amongst them. Can you claim the same?  

Four minuscule notches on an infinite Wheel.


Empires are forged, rise, burn, and are devoured in the blink of an eye. The divide between mortal and god is minute and the two constantly wrestle with the fact. Those who place their chips play a high stakes game, all who don't have their chips torn from them and played anyways.


Somewhere in this all is you.


Who are you?
What are you?
Why are you?


It's a Cycle.
  There's a Wheel and it's spinning.

Where Do I Begin?

Begin by getting your bearings. Learn about the setting, the major players, the sophont species, the meta, and so forth. The best place to begin for a new reader is by looking at the Introduction.

Introduction To Ethnis
Generic article | Jan 18, 2019

A primer to the lore of Ethnis, the ongoing projects within it, and how to begin as either a Reader, Player, or Narrator



Tabletop RPG

The Tabletop RPG is the gamified version of Ethnis which allows you to adventure within the current point of the timeline. Make rich, interesting characters with intriguing backstories and lofty goals, fight gods and save worlds, and grow to become a renown interstellar force.


Novels are text content which will be published and sold on e-readers and, hopefully, paperback. Ethnis already has one published book and short story, and there are 4 more manuscripts in various stages of completion waiting for this Codex to be more fleshed out before Ademal returns to production on them.   The novel universe explores the major story arcs of Ethnis, from the early development of the Verin Haimarchy millenia ago to the modern banner war.

Tales of Ethnis

The serial universe tackles slices of Ethnis, most often in the modern settings. These are the stories that occur between the larger arcs, and will shed light on culture and people trying to make a living among the gargantuan powers that be.


Support Ethnis

If you enjoy the content, and would like to help fund more, check out how you can help!

Support Ethnis
Organization | Jan 6, 2019

How you can help Ethnis grow!


Table of Contents

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Echoes of Jhoutai


A Privately-funded colonization project to a lush and dangerous planet

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4 players • The Campaign is Full


Secrets of Saumai


An old world rediscovered, an old fire stoked. Once again, as ever, the great machinations of the Banners are brought to bear in competition, this time for the world of Saumai.

Glorix Allarah Barron ea389
4 players • The Campaign is Full



  • Map of Saumai

    The Habitable Section of Saumai

  • Map of Kytheria

    The map of the main continent of Kytheria.

  • Map of Emergence of Races

    This is the phylogenetic tree of sophont within Ethnis, either by blood or by development.

  • Map of Vigor Mortis Scanmap
  • Map of Fenu-Tri
  • Map of Tempestasa Valley
  • Map of Kilnrest, the path from the shore