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Esau is a world of magic and myth. Adventurers travel around trying to survive and change the wrongs. The land remembers holds true.

This is the Homebrew world I created (in 2018-2022) for D&D 5e.

Esau is a world of people of numerous races and creatures of various sizes. The largest continent is Malnax ruled by the royal family (currently: Queen/Princess Craciona).

There is a group of people following The Burnt Resin - only a few realise the truth that is the Amber Mage who truly wishes to ascend and is using the power of the trapped Demon to enhance her magical abilities.
Many noble families of Malnax are being influenced in their beliefs so it will work down through the classes.

In Kutloc, The Old Man Land tales is less a myth than a warning. The Feywild Expanse has stretched further and is becoming more dangerous.

In the Northern Isle, children are going missing from their beds. The families seek to find them. Meanwhile, the hunt for a precious dragon egg continues.