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Channels + Whispers


A Channel is leakage from another world, plane, or universe. They manifest as giant holes in the ground which view into the same location in that world/plane/universe. However, as time goes on, more of that place starts to leak through. Those leaks are called Whispers. The more it leaks, the more Whispers will be created. The Channel will also expand once it releases enough Whispers, to make room for more Whispers. You can use Channels to travel between the places it connects [as Whispers].  


Whispers can be anything- people, settlements, items- from anywhere around the places its Channel connects. However, Whispers, unlike Channels, are duplicates. Duplicates of those people, settlements, items forming on the other side of the Channel. These duplicates can be from any point in time, and they serve as a way for the place on one side of a Channel to, well, take from the other. The things duplicated as Whispers will find themselves, living or nonliving, inexplicably drawn to their Whisper. It may be through seemingly natural means [sleepwalking, an item falling in a river and being washed to a lakeside Channel] or unnatural ones [mind control, levitation]. When something finds its Whisper and manages to act completely in sync with it for one minute, the Whisper absorbs the original and becomes a full and natural part of the other world. Any other Whispers of it are destroyed in that instant. Thus, many living Whispers seek out their original counterpart, attempting to absorb them and secure their personal survival. If you travel from your world/plane/universe through a Channel and into another, you are a Whisper and are forced to abide by all the natural laws concerning Whispers other than ones that require you to be the genuine original of other Whispers. These laws are: 1. Whispers cannot go beyond a ten-mile radius of their Channel. 2. Whispers cannot perceive things in their new location that are not Whispers. 3. Whispers can always be perceived by things in their new location and can interact with them, even if unaware of what is happening. 4. If a Whisper returns to where they came from, they are now a Whisper in that world. 5. The only way to become a non-Whisper is to absorb or be absorbed by other Whispers of oneself.

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