The Curse

Written by Leng and Ronwea

Virgil gasped and dropped the bucked of water he'd just pulled from his well. It was that time again.. no wonder he'd been in such a bad mood.   It had been five years now since they were first cursed into this form. He'd have thought for sure the pain of it every year would be the end of him, but no he lived on despite the agony. Most of the others were starting to move away, thinking they could escape the torment by avoiding the moon itself, or following it. Some, like him, were trying to go about as normal, though their numbers were dwindling.   Now, as he lay gasping and writhing on the ground, he felt that this time was some how different. He felt compelled to go find the people who'd done his and rip them apart. It was odd because he'd already swore he wasn't going to fight like hat with the cats anymore, that was what had caused this mess to start with.   He did his best not to scream in pain as his bones creaked and stretched into new shapes while the rest of his did its best to keep up. Large teeth grew in his still normal sized mouth, filling it so h felt he couldn't breath and must surly bite through his own face. His attempts to not cry out were in vain though and an otherworldly howl escaped him. He could hear the others suffering in the same manner back in the village. So much for the crops and livestock, there were having such a good year too...
Quo had been carrying firewood inside but now it laid all over the ground as he crumpled to the ground, going through the same change everyone else was. He gritted his fastly growing teeth to keep in his painful whimpers.   Once his body was done going through the change he let out a loud howl.   A few of the livestock that was in a nearby pen bleated in fear.
Constance didn't bother keeping in her pained sound as she and the children she was keeping an eye on started changing.   Back in the days before the curse they used to have servants and slaves o do all the tasks like wood gathering, water fetching, child watching, and all the other things that were being halted now by the change. They couldn't keep them anymore, not after the first time it happened and they'd all been eaten.
Virgil hauled his still sore body to its feet and answered his cousin's howl.
He belted out another howl then looked over to the livestock and licked his jowls. It was hard keeping a sane mind while in the change. He knew he shouldn't try eating them, they needed them for later but the hunger was so overpowering....   Drooling he slowly stalked towards the pen.
Virgil stalked around the other side of the pen, coordinating with Quo in the hunt. But with such docile fenced in animals it really wasn't much of a hunt. Normally in this form he'd get pissed at Quo for trying to take charge of how the hunt went with him around. But the first hunger of the change was always the strongest and he just didn't care yet.
Quo jumped into the middle of the pen, the critters scattered, bleating even louder in fear some tried to jump the fence.   Snarling he snapped up one of them in his jaws, jerking his head to the side to kill it.
Before long everyone left in he village as in the pen, doing the same. The urge to kill the fleeing animals was too great, and they were so easy to catch that it wasn't long before they'd all be killed.   They all ate their fill leaving half of the animals barely nibbled on.   Now came the hard part. The part where your senses cam back to you, if ever so slightly, now that the hunger was sated for the moment.
Virgil calmed in his fevered flesh ripping session and looked up, into the distance. He let out a howl and after a moment he got a return, and then another, and another.
Soon the pen was filled with the other villagers, the ones who'd left long ago had returned. They circled about the pen and each other They were now like three separate packs instead of one village.   They wanted to get at all that food in the pen, and they didn't want to ask nicely.
Virgil growled and went to the edge of the pen to confront them.
The leaders of each of the other pack's came forward too.   The moon chaser's pack leader, the old blacksmith Bonichel, growled back and tried to look dominating.   He was doing a lot better job at it than the moon runner's leader, the potter's son Allen, who looked like he might run at any moment. Though he seemed a lot bolder than the rest of his pack, who were already simpering and looking submissive in an attempt to be let in to feast.
Quo went and growled at the leader of the Moonrunner's, seeing how very nonthreatening they were. They were all practically made up of omgea's even Allen. He disliked their pack, thinking of them as a bunch of cowards. Quo would've gone to join the Moonchaser's pack, but Constance wanted to stay here with the Moonwatchers so he stayed as well.   The beast in him wanted to rip out Allen's throat, to take over his pack for himself. On many occasions in the past he had fought with Virgil over the same thing.
There was more than enough food for all three packs now that all the livestock was dead. Virgil snorted at Quo to step down and let the runners in. They wouldn't cause any problems, and if they did they wouldn't be hard to take out.
Bonichel took Virgil's moment of distraction as indication he was weak and would fold easily if threatened. He circled around, trying to intimidate him, or find a good place to attack. The moonchasers had been in beast form for the five years they'd been away and already thought more like animals than people. He lunged for Virgil, ready to tear him apart.
Quo gave a soft growl but backed down, he wasn't in the position to be ignoring Virgils orders.   He was the first to see the Moonchaser's Alpha move towards Virgil and the basic instinct of wanting to protect family kicked in. Quo lunged for Bonichel's throat.
Bonichel changed his focus, but not fast enough, and went down under Quo. Though he didn't stay their for long and rolled over to pull his attacked under him and make it hard to bite at his throat.   He'd had a lot more beast form fights as he and the others chased after the moon. He'd won them all and that was why he was still leader.
Quo might not had the fighting experience of a animal, but he did have the knowledge of fighting dirty from his Ershan form. He used that to claw at Bonichel's junk with his back feet claws to get him off.
The dirty fighting was enough, Bonichel howled and went nuts upon getting his tender areas shredded. They'd regenerate like the rest of him, but it still hurt. And damage from another werewolf healed slower and hurt worse than anything else. He'd taken a cannon ball head on in the time he'd been gone and just shrugged it off.
As soon as Bonichel hit his panic Virgil and a few other moonwatchers pounced on him and started ripping into him. His pack saw that it wasn't a one on one brute match and jumped into the fight too.
Constance stood over the young ones as they watched the adult's fight among themselves.
Quo was quick to join in tearing apart anyone that wasn't part of their pack. He wanted at the Alpha for trying to attack their's. As he bit he threw anyone he had in his teeth off to the side.
A few other of the women joined Constance in keeping to little one's safe. With this much confusion and teeth no one was going to notice anyone trying a sneak attack on the pups.
The moonrunners hung around the edges, but a few joined in to help the watchers here and there if it looked like they wouldn't get to hurt doing so.   The fighting didn't stop until Bonichel gave a pained whimper and submit. Then, the chasers backed off a bit, growling and grumbling.
Virgil tossed Bonichel away from the pen and growled warningly at his pack until they backed up to where their leader was. He then stuck his tail in the air and sauntered over to one of the half eaten carcasses. He picked it up and dragged it to the midpoint of Bonichel and the food filled pen. He set it down, kicked some dirt on it, and went back to the fence. He could be merciful...   He let the runners in to munch on the leftovers, making sure they stayed to one side of the pen.
Quo rather that none of the other packs have nothing, it was their town and their hard work that was put into raising everything. He licked his paw, it was bleeding but it was healing fast enough that it didn't need any serious attention.   Quo grabbed up a leg of one of the dead animals and dragged it on over to Constance and the children.
The children were already pretty well stuffed, but they happily pounced on the animal once they saw it was for them, mostly playing with it.   Constance licked his face and tried to get a look at his paw.
He licked her ears as she looked at his leg, cleaning them affectionately for her. Even in monster form he still had the hots for her.   He wasn't content with just sticking to her ears, his tongue went to giving her a full on bath. He might've been abit more control of himself but the Moon still heightened and took over his other half making him think and act like the animal.   Quo growled and chuffed, licking at her face in the beasty way of flirting.
Like Quo, she felt very bestial herself, but she was more interested in Virgil, in both forms. She snapped at him warningly, then licked his nose.
He gave her a whimper and got on his belly to lick up under her jaw, in a grovelling sort of way.