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A collection of headcanons and fan theories for the Warcraft setting by the player of Arthamir (WrA-H) and Tennerly (MG-A). IC articles compiled by Jossan Dawnheart, Thalassian historian, circa 100 ADP.   However, I would love to take other people into the project! One of my dreams for WoW RP is a consistent point of reference, and if I can help facilitate that, I will!   Be sure to check the Notes for works cited! Canon articles especially will cite sites such as WoWpedia and official Blizzard media.   The timeline used for World of Warcraft is based on real time, not the canon timeline, both to make it easier to work with in RP and because the canon timeline is condensed well past the point of absurdity.   All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

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