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Gambling in the Empire of Lumiaron

Majard Halls

In the Empire, serious gambling is done in a Majard Hall. All taverns have some gambling of course, but mostly these games are just between patrons of the tavern. In a Majard hall, there are always games and the staff organize the games.   There are card games in the Empire, though only the Majard Halls in large cities run these. Dice games are far more popular in the Empire.  

Card Games of the Empire


A card game where the faces of the cards of a player may go no higher than twenty-one. The player at the table with the hand closest to twenty-one wins hand.  


A card game played between four to six players where the players bid on how many hands they will win. The winning bid sets the trump suite of the round. The round is won by the player who takes the most hands of the round.  

Dice Games of the Empire


A dice game where three dice is rolled by each player in at the table. If the dice come up “three sides”, that is, all three dice are the same, this is the best result, otherwise the highest roll wins. If there are two three sides rolls, the highest of the two wins.   Numwa A dice game where one dice roller, the felwurf, rolls five dice. Players bet on: 1. Gesam Bet: the total of the five dice 2. Kombi Bet: what combinations will exist on the dice faces, e.g. double 2s 3. Eizen Bet: the individual dice faces. 4. Lycklig Bet: combining all three bets into one. This is very rarely a successful bet.

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