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Grandmaster Titus Cornelius Remigius

"DragonHeart Of Atria"

"Brothers, Sisters! Hear me now! This is not where the Dragonkin fall, If I must I shall carry each and every one of you. This is the last push, let the light of Bahamut fuel you, feed you the hope you need to finally find the justice you deserve!"  
  • Grandmaster Titus Remigius, PS 15 During the Dragonic Rebellions
  • Exerpt from "The Memoirs of A Rebellion."
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    "I remember much about the Grandmasters time here. He aided us in our darkest times, a true scion of Bahamuts virtue. Grandmaster Remigius was my best friend, he saved all of us, and due to that he earned his place at Bahamuts side. I can only hope that my deeds and the deeds of the Triumvirate allow us to join him too."  
  • Exurpt from "Remembering The Rebellion" By Obotus
  •   Grandmaster Titus Cornelius Remigius was recruited into an order of Bahamutian knights at a young age, much of his history is unknown to even his most trusted Brothers. He started at the lowest rungs of his order, and before a century passed he was leading them to several prominent victories. His tactical understanding and charismatic nature afforded him one of the best Orders that had been seen up until that point.   After several centuries of fighting in Bahamuts name, Bahamut gave him an order directly, which he had never recieved before. His order was to aid a rebellion of Dragons and Dragonkin.   His forces arrived to find the rebellion on its heels after several devistating losses to the Tyrants army. While he was unsure if he could do much to help they found themselves needing to spread out through the ranks, while these people crave freedom and justice not a lot of them understand how to be disiplined.   His leadership and charismatic nature allowed him to instill the needed disipline.


    Born in the plains, Grandmaster Titus learned several languages of the plains. Including Celestial and Abyssal. With several decades of tactical, dipolmatic and etiquette training, Grandmaster Titus was considered a man of many gifts and a wisdom that held the depth and breath of the plains in it.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Grandmaster Titus earned his title after several centuries of fighting and learning at the behest of his superiors, the young man learned well, Hard and fast. While he took to combat fast, his size and strengh leanding himself toward fighting from the front.   He took a liking to spears, Halbards and lances. He undertook rigourous training and excecises to master his methods of fighting. But now with experiance in combat under his belt, his tutors saw a light in him. A leader blossoming from the fire of war.   He took to leading like a moth to a flame, but after a fight gone bad he found himself in doubt about his talents. His self doubt lead to self reflection. That self reflection lead to his oath, a simple one. One that he would never break in his life. "Leave No Doubt for the soul to be shaken"

    Personality Characteristics


    He wishes to see Justice, Fairness and Law spread through the known worlds and plains. As he believes that is the only way for the universe to know peace.

    Lawful Good
    476 BS 45 PS 521 years old
    Circumstances of Death
    Old Age
    Biological Sex
    Oceanic Green
    Skin Tone
    6' 10"
    Known Languages
    Celestial, Abyssal, Dragonic, Sylvan, Common.

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