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Eldritch Underworld

September 3rd, 2023 CE

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A dark figure lurks in a city alley. Strange symbols are scattered throughout the streets, seemingly normal but something is off this time. Do instincts and imagination draw you into the rabbit-hole? Or have the mysteries of the world have led you to explore the underworld of reality?

In hidden corners of the world, secret organisation and creatures of darkness lurk amongst the populations. Most people are not aware of this other world of magic and monsters, and can only find the murky surface of its depths. Terror, magic, mystery, and suspense are a part of this hidden life, an infinite gallery of unfolding powers, age-old plots, secret societies, and dark mysteries. This is all because that magic has returned to the material world after centuries of being dormant and the knowledge of magic largely lost.

An entity called the Dark Power has set their schemes in motion and appointed nine servants; the Dark Lords. Each of these Dark Lords are working behind the scenes to make the world miserable and vulnerable for their master to conquer the world and potentially all of existence. They reincarnate every several thousand years, at the end of every age but were defeated by their opposing counterparts each time. This time, however, their prophesied enemies have not arisen this time.

In this mysterious setting, you are forced to live in hiding and stealthily navigate through the supernatural underworld. Rather than travelling the world and taking quests from the local tavern, you must search through newspapers, TV reports, internet posts, or local gossip to acquire your missions. Once you’re in the Eldritch Underworld, there is no way out. Not only will you be fighting in the Eldritch Underworld, but in the dream world of the Astral Plane as well. Although the Eldritch Underworld seems bleak and dark, there are rays of hope; you.

You, a Seeker of the Seekers’ Network, must do whatever you can to make sure the world’s magic does not fade again, nor will your people have to hide again. With the discovery that magic has returned, the gateways to the other planes of existence have started to awaken and the multiverse is slowly joining the Shadow War as well. You fight in the shadows, for one day magic can come into the light.

The shadows of the Dark Lords are rising. What mysteries will you discover in the Eldritch Underworld? Can you survive a world where someone is always watching?

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