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Rainbow Ember Festival


The festival began in Eeriea when it became recognized as a legitimate state. Mairead Ges, the first leader, created the Four Great Festivals based on old traditions and new ones that the freshly established ethnic group had formed. It was made to celebrate warmth, fertility and the progress made by a vibrant, new people.


Rainbow dancing is an extremely important component of the Rainbow Ember festival. Performers must be well trained in the dance and wear specific colors. The dance consists of twirls and a story about nature and the arrival of spring. The clothing's color(s) represent a part of nature. For example blue dyed dresses represent the sea and light blues and white for the sky. They perform at around midnight at different stages across Eeriea.

Components and tools

Bonfires are common everywhere during the night. Color-emitting wood is used to create a multicolored effect in the fire. Colorful candles with fallen flower petals are lit at the start of night and continue until dawn. Rainbow dances of people in vibrant, loose clothing many with tartan pattern top. Celebrates vitality and nature blooming. Decorated eggs of various materials represent fertility and the preciousness of life. Red, peach and green banners are hung all over cities, towns and villages to signify unity, vitality, happiness and rejuvenation. Also, small ones are used in union rites performed that day. Crushed or dead flower petals are thrown into the fire to signal the end of the cold and make room for the living. A large, midday meal is served at high noon consisting of lamb and herb stew surrounded by colorful fruits and vegetables in addition to some fruity wines. Flower baskets created before are usually the highlight of the table.


Everyone in the community is expected to participate in one way or another unless they are terminally ill or have another valid reason. Professional dancers consider it the peak of their careers to have the chance to participate in the rainbow dances since only the best are chosen to perform. Families expect their relatives to attend the petal throwings that take place at the families bonfire(s). The egg decorating and flower arranging is not expected but can be done on the basis of one's desires. It is considered very respectable to volunteer to help with setting up the city's banners and such. Some people will dye their hair and/or wear many flowers or floral patterns.


The rituals might be prepared for sometime in advanced such as the candles or color-emitting wood for bonfires. The festival itself is for one day starting at sunset May 1st and continues until sunset May 2nd. The petal throwing into the bonfire signals the end of the Rainbow Ember Festival and the start of the spring.

The third of four important festivals.
Four Great Festivals: 3/4   Official Colors: Red (passion, energy, blood), Peach (fire, fruit, mix of other colors), Green (freshness, nature)   Official Symbols: Flowers, Colorful burning fires     Activities: Flower petal and glue decorating, lighting bonfires, burning old, ruined things, Petal throwing, egg decorating, flower arranging, tree planting, use of glow sticks at night
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