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Eerean People

The Eereans are the people of Eeriea. Ethnicity is equated by birth and commitment to the culture. They primarily reside in urbanized areas.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Family names typically consist of a given first name (chosen based off sound and meaning), surname of mother for girls/father for boys, and household name (not used informally).   Ex. Meinea (first name) Nilnala (surname) Eageol (household, only in formal contexts)

Other names

Household Names are part of the naming customs and the "house tradition" of Eeriea. They fall into five categories:

  • Animals: Owl, Fox, Deer, Eagle
  • Geographical features: River, Mountain, Wood/Forest, Field
  • Celestial: Sun, Moon, Star, Sky
  • Occupation: Smith, Tailor, Seamstress, Hunter
  • Characteristics: Beautiful, Black, White, Short


Shared customary codes and values

Common shared values include: Freedom, Artistry, Resilience, Benevolence, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Education, Competence, Bravery, and Efficiency   Many of these are the result of a hard beginning for the culture.   Do no harm and always strive for self-improvement are common mottos.

Average technological level

As a technologically advanced civilization, a lot of occupations and work has been replaced with robots and other machines. In Aeroland, one of the greatest accomplishments is found, "the aerotrain".

Common Dress code

Only covering of the genitals (in most situations) is required by law but it is considered tacky in certain situations to wear little or transparent clothing. The human body is considered part of the greatness and weakness of humans and showing it is only a reminder of that in public settings.

Art & Architecture

Art and ingenuity are exceptionally significant. One unifying feature in Eerean art is the blending of practicality and beauty.  


The Ripped Seam trilogy is an epic fantasy written about a tortured seamstress who creates magical threads to defeat a ghost and the resulting events. It spans over a 900 year period.  


Classic Eeriean architecture is a term descibing the diverse architectural designs of Eeriea. Each urban center has its own architectural tradition but common aspects include connected interiors and buildings, "outside living feel" designs and focus on constant improvement on efficiency and beauty.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The five major festivals and the four minor ones.

Coming of Age Rites

Coa Training: At the age of 13, teens are expected to begin and complete a course with a mentor in order to learn adult responsibilities such as cooking, sewing, and woodworking. Afterwards, there's a large party to celebrate all that have completed the training after turning 18 within the month.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Most Eerieans opt to be buried after their deaths. The body is taken to a special building called a death temple and then buried with a seedling, usually of a tree after a ceremonial dunking in water. Some believe that this burial means that the person will reincarnate once the plant sprouts and die in that life when the plant dies. The family often takes care of the plants to ensure good lives for the deceased.

Common Myths and Legends

Coldhands: A ghost that kills or saps the energy of a person. The Netherworld:


Beauty Ideals

Colorful clothing and simple accessories for both men and women.

Gender Ideals

There is little distinction other than hair styles, some make up (for women but popular with men too), and some clothing choices. There are no laws stating that genders are binary. There exists little to no gender discrimination either way. Women can run businesses and organizations and men can take on the caring role in orphanages and schools. More men work in construction and tree cutting and more women as caregivers and seamstresses though.

Relationship Ideals

A couple that has a lot in common but also compliments each other. Both practical and romantic reasons are considered for good coupling. Some people opt for a "year marriage" where the couple agrees to be married for one year. After the year ends, the couple can decide to continue or break off the relationship.

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