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Death Wreath

A symbol of life and death and marker of the deceased. Also, it's pretty to look at.

Manufacturing process

With a tree branch, bend into a circle with the connection on the bottom. Tie or glue together. With a thick stick, match the top with the tied bottom of the circle. Glue or tie. Next, the flowers are added in anyway desired. Fake and real may be used.


Cultural and an artistic expression on a personal level. Practically speaking, it is a marker for where a person's ashes are buried but aesthetically, it is beautiful symbol of the circle of life and death and individuality.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related ethnicities
Common near graves
No more than 5 feet in most cases
Base Price
200 NSD
Raw materials & Components
1. Tree branches 2.Flowers 3. Thread and/or Glue
1. A heater for water to steam a tree branch. 2. Hands 3. Batablāhanna Holder (optional) 4. Laminator

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