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Maxwell Plumme's Firearms

Test 76. Day is clear, no one to be seen for miles. Which is good because this thing is loud. I'm using God's Hand with the punch rounds version 2.8. Target is one of Pyke's Steers (not that they'll notice). Target is about three hundred feet out tied to a stake. I placed sticks a hundred paces out in every direction for measuring sake. God's Hand is about five pounds going to six pounds with the punch rounds. Pretty heavy for a revolver but it does more than I could ever dream. Sun is behind me right now so I have clear sight. Wads of cotton and beeswax in my ears just in case. Standing one hundred paces away to avoid splatter. BOOM. Well, there was a Steer by the stake. Target is gone. As are three of the sticks I placed to measure power. There is some blood left behind, a streak that carries on. My hat blew up in the air with the shot. I'll find it before nightfall... probably. Note to self: have a stronger cord on the hat so it doesn't get wrenched off again. Found the body, or what's left of it five hundred paces away from the stake. Most of the central cavity is gone, a leg and horn are no where to be found. Test result: lower the amount of powder to lessen blow back.


Maxwell doesn't want these guns to be used. He made them because of his passion for the craft.
The four firearms vary in dimensions, God's Hand is by far the largest, barrel is ten inches long and four inches tall with two inch thickness. The diameter of the muzzle is one inch. The cylinder is four inches in diameter and holds five bullets. The hard sights are extended more than usual to compensate for weight. Thorn, Eden, and Bane go down to the size of a snub nose with larger than usual muzzles and cylinders to accommodate the large custom cartridges. There are three editions of custom cartridges that Plume has built: punch, shatter, and blade. Punch cartridges have the larger amount of power with capability to push back the target as the bullet is going through the target. Shatter cartridges when they impact break apart through veins of lesser, weaker metals forged into the bullet spreading and tearing apart the target. Blade cartridges have a definite spiked point on the bullet that can punch through stone.
Maxwell Plumme
Access & Availability
Closely guarded in Maxwell's personal safe.
They are simple enough weapons, at least in appearance. How the ammunition works in conjunction with the gun is... complex enough.
Maxwell Plumme came to Edge Creek to get out of the madness of the big city and work in peace. He was a famous gunsmith, people attribute famous gunslinger stories to his work. He's even made his own specialized type of ammunition. His latest piece he doesn't want anyone to use. He's gotten tired of his work being used to cause pain. The last four models he's made have only ever been used by him to test them out. He calls them, Eden, Thorn, Bane, and God's Hand. They are remarkable in their sheer power and capability to utterly destroy.

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