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The Scattered Petals

"Did you know that flowers send their seeds on the wind?   The old flower seller in town told me that! It carries them to places where new flowers will grow.   That's what I want to do with you all. Together, we'll travel on the wind, and as we do good, do what's right for people, then maybe we'll plant the seed of more good to be done, and more do-gooders to follow in our footsteps.   So, what do you think?"
--The dream of someone long gone.
A shattered dream, a glimmer of hope. An empty guild, an overflowing eulogy. One man's dream, a million potentials.   The Scattered Petals is the lowest-ranking still-active guild in Edda. It began as the dream and project of famed adventurer Alfield Skybreaker and has become an enduring yet unsuccessful project as time has marched on. Nonetheless, it's still an active guild, and while there's only one true active member, the guildmaster himself, the story is not over yet, and many potential futures can still be written.


As with all mercenary guilds, there are Guildmasters and Guild Members. For the Scattered Petals, the Guildmaster is Alfield Skybreaker, and while they haven't been around for many years, Hildima Morthwyl and Etum Clareira are both Vice-Guildmasters.   While the Scattered Petals don't have enough members to make a distinction, there also exists different kinds of Guild Members one can be, as you can be labeled a basic Member or a non-combative or specialized Guild Member. Once a guild has enough status and members, there can even specifically be Travelling Guild Members, who are able to undertake jobs from anywhere.

Public Agenda

To nurture the future adventurers and protectors of Edda, and serve the local community of Wind to the best of our abilities.


Along with the rather large and impressive guildhall, the Scattered Petals are also in possession of the farmland plot the hall sits on and has a pretty lucrative side job when it comes to agriculture.


In 984 EE, the citizens of Wind were shocked to find three of the famed Scattered Petals in their town. Adventurers, Heroes, Monster Slayers, and the ones who brought down the vile necromancer Shadescale. They would come to discover that the heroes were looking to start their own branch of those newfangled Mercenary Guilds in their city, and needless to say, they were thrilled.   Within the year, the large hall was built, and the three of them had already made a strong impression in the community, and there was even a handful of young folk eager to sign up.   However, that was essentially the end of the excitement, as the reality of a Mercenary Guild came in, and the guildmasters were too locked in their own fear to truly measure up. The few guild members soon left, and not too long after the vice-guildmasters did as well.   It still stands and exists to this day, the Guildmaster working alone to do the minimum required of a guild, and making himself a rather well-liked name in the community for his skillfully grown produce, but not for any outstanding bits of heroism.

Of all colors, to all corners

Founding Date
985 EE
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
Alfield's House, The dust halls, Scattered Farms
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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