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Agnes Sariyah Dawnon

Loosing her arrow Agnes found her target. As she let her fingers go against the taught bow string she looked over at her instructor who nodded his head in approval. He walked over and began to give her further instruction. Positioning, where her back and shoulder should be, etc. This was Agnes' favorite part of the day. Its not that her lessons were dull, and she took an interest in history and politics, but she's always felt like there was more to life than just a frugal existence. Not long after giving her further instruction, a servant ran out and whispered something in the instructor's ear. He turned to her and told her that her father wished to see her. Rolling her eyes, Agnes mounted her horse and galloped towards the palace of the Grand Prince. There has got to be more to life than just this...

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Most noble women of Agnes' status would be quite content with lounging about all day, but not Agnes though. She made it an effort to go out riding and practicing the bow after her daily educational lessons. As a result this has made her quite physically fit and agile.

Special abilities

  • Favored enemy: beasts
  • Natural Explorer: Coast
  • Fighting Style: Archery
  • Primeval Awareness
  • Hunter
  • Horde Breaker
  • Snare
  • Hunter's Mark
  • Zephyr Strike

Specialized Equipment

Proficient in light and medium armor, shields, simple & martial weapons

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Agnes is the daughter of Lord Lieutbrand who is one of the twenty members of Rowland's Ruling Council. Her mother, Charlotte died when she was young and has had a rocky relationship with her father since then. Her father seems to be aloof, and doesn't really seem to care about Agnes. The only times he really does seem to care, is when her presence or welfare hinders or strengthens his reputations and image. He tries to substitute for his absence with money and lavish gifts. Agnes was eventually kidnapped by a group of bandits who took her to the swamp island of Strols. They had no wish to harm her, and told her she was worth more to them alive, and had received strict instructions that no harm should come to her. While in captivity, she heard the bandits talk of taking her to Gondwana, and ransom, and something known as the "Iron Hand." She was never able to find out, due to two ghouls attacking the bandit hideout. When they did, she ran and hid. While she was hiding, a half-elf barbarian known as Shaylen, and a human paladin named Kuonrad, ventured their way to the swampy island, killed the remaining bandits and the last ghoul, saving Agnes. They told her that they were here to bring her back to her father, and on their way back, they were accompanied by Firbolg druid known as Wendel. Agnes was returned safely to her father, and her saviors were rewarded handsomely by her father. Soon after they left, Agnes left her father's protection and went to join the adventuring party. They were set upon by Rowland soldiers, set to bring her back. They were subdued, and now they venture north to help Wendel search for a druid known as Ataulf.


Educated at the Grand Prince's Palace in Rowland

Morality & Philosophy

Agnes very much believes that people in her position and status have a job to help those less fortunate. She developed this ideology during her tutoring as a child and seeing how her father and other nobles of his status interacted and treated the common people. She believes that with said power great things will be able to be achieved and that nobles should be champions of the people. Even though she wants to help better the lives of all she can, she secretly/subconsciously believes that all are beneath her mainly due to her position in society.

Personality Characteristics


Agnes wishes to break out of the confines of noble society and show that she can prove and handle herself without the coddling of her family.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Quite skilled at chess

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, quick to act, natural negotiator, level-headed

Vices & Personality flaws

A bit snobbish at times


Contacts & Relations


  • Shaylen
  • Kuonrad
  • Wendel
  • Vladimir

Family Ties

  • Lord Lieutbrand: Father
  • Charlotte Dawnon: Mother (Deceased)


Lord Lieutbrand

Father (Important)

Towards Agnes




Daughter (Trivial)

Towards Lord Lieutbrand




The relationship between Lord Lieutbrand and his daughter didn't start off all that bad. When Agnes' mother was alive they were quite a happy family. When she died though, that's when everything changed. Lieutbrand went into a deep depression that he really hasn't quite come out of. Lord Lieutbrand tends to be neglectful of his daughter and tries to make up for the fact with lavish gifts. Whenever they're in public he puts on a display as if everything is fine. For Agnes things are different. She's quite reluctant to go along with her father's charade which angers him at times, but he really does nothing about it.

Wealth & Financial state

Growing up Agnes was quite affluent due to her father being a member of Rowland's Ruling Council. Now that she is off adventuring she brought along whatever wealth she could carry and now runs on that. So, her wealth has decreased quite a bit.

Year of Birth
1314 (20 years old)
Biological Sex
140 lbs.
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Dwarvish

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Cover image: Main Town by IIDanmrak
Character Portrait image: N/A by N/A


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