Zal’gnih | E. Christopher Clark


Zal’gnih is one of the Elder Gods, who were imprisoned within the Veil of the World by the elves near the dawn of time.


She is a brutish reptile with a forked tongue made of picked and discarded scabs. Zal’gnih towers over cities, spits an acidic mist born of baby’s tears, and delights in the sound of catty teenagers mocking each other in their attempts to feel less awkward and alone.


Before she was banished by the elves, she slithered across the universe and left a trail of iridescent purple ooze in her wake. These days, it is said, she is the most active of her fellows in probing the fabric of the Veil for weak spots and the most devoted to members of The Ginger Cut who are trying to free her.


She looks forward to consuming them first, when the day finally comes that the Elder Gods are set loose. Theirs shall be a place of honor within the chambers of her seventeen stomachs. The First Feast, she shall call them. And she’s licking her lips right now just thinking about it.



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